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  1. I'm Giving Away My Guild

    really I cant even give it away?
  2. I'm Giving Away My Guild

    All you have to do is ask
  3. C'mon people it's time to Trade and Battle! My friend code: 5026-0901-9017 Gimme A Shout, if you wanna battle or trade.
  4. Pokemon Diamond/pearl Friend Codes

    I'll add you to my pal pad if you don't mind? Feel free to do the same.
  5. Pokemon Diamond/pearl Friend Codes

    This game is pretty dam good so far. My friend code:5026-0901-9017 I haven't got anything worth trading yet. what starter did you pick? I got me a turtwig! I LOVE POKEMON.
  6. Okami

    Is that the one with the wolf and paint brush?
  7. Post Your Isp Speed!

    oh that is sad.
  8. Last Sporting Event You Attended?

    It wasn't my fault, I supported the team.
  9. Arcade Is Free April 14th -28th

  10. Last Sporting Event You Attended?

    NBA vancouver grizzlies Vs. the charlet hornets . that was ten years a go, dam I need to get out more.
  11. Has Anyone Else Seen Grindhouse?

    It's hard to explain, theres a zombie movie and a chase movie.If you like Tarantino or Rodriguez movies you should go and see it. P.S. this was the first double feature I had ever seen.
  12. What Is Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

    I totaly trailer trash it: Rum(lambs white) and coke. hey ninjawoowoo that drink sounds good
  13. Has Anyone Else Seen Grindhouse?

    It's not blasphemy,Tarantino really screwed the pouch on this one.Rodriguez is the one who saved it all.
  14. What's Your Favorite Portable System?

    The ds rocks. it's inovative,and fun.
  15. I was looking forward to the movie for mounths. the idea behind it was so cool.first the trailers kicked butt.I'd like to see some of them get made in to full movies.Planet terror was one of the best movies I have ever seen, unfortunitly tha same cannot be said for death proof. it started strong but the second half wasn't as good in my opinion.