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  1. Golden Eye, I wish I still had my cart of this game
  2. Most Disapointing Game...

    Sonic 360, there isn't one person here that can tell me that game was good. And it was sonic, SONIC
  3. Nes Stress

    BATTLE TOADS i still don't think anyone has ever beaten it...ever.
  4. Favorite/most Played Game?

    Anything that has Mario in it, is where you will find me.
  5. What Is Your Favorite Resident Evil Game?

    Resident Evil 4 because I just beat it today and all I can say
  6. WoW, now thats funny. I have no idea why I diden't think of this. ^.^
  7. What Was Your First Video Game Magazine Subscription?

    Game Informer all the way, had that one when I was 5
  8. Did GTA IV really deserve a 10/10? Perhaps 8.5?

    yah same here...the missions were way to much of the same thing over and over again
  9. Pac Man The Movie

    Now that is an interesting find right there