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  1. I've actually picked up single magazines from ebay, but they usually gouge the prices. I picked up an issue of UK Sega Saturn Magazine, for example, that had 1/3 of a guide to grandia in it... for $20 haha. I guess I just haven't looked hard enough. I guess, no, they wouldn't exactly emulate the look and feel of an old gamepro if printed on normal stock paper, but surely it'd be better than viewing them on a tablet. Funnily enough, I just went and looked on ebay after making this topic, and there is indeed a full set of 1997 issues going for $45 that I'm considering. It's not just gamepros that I'm missing, though. I had subscriptions to SWATPro, EGM, EGM2, Gameplayers, die hard gamefan, tips and tricks, PC gamer, and I'd pick up plenty of random issues like those EGM buyers guides or issues of nintendo power that caught my attention. I kick myself for letting all those magazines rot away - some of them had strategy guides to games that can't be topped, even today! Ah well, just floated the idea. I figured maybe someone online had a nice solution.
  2. appologies if this is against the rules or anything (in which case, I expect this topic to be locked and/or deleted), but I've been trying to figure out a cheap method for actually printing out these magazines, either entire issues or individual pages. At one time, I owned virtually every issue of gamepro between 1990 and 1997 and, over time, they've either been destroyed, lost, or otherwise aren't available anymore. Currently, I browse these magazines on my tablet, but it's just not the same as having a real, physical magazine in front of me. I bought a cheap printer and ink cartridge and printed out an entire issue of gamepro, but total cost for printing just a single issue wound up coming out to just over $50 once I covered ink and paper. I know most print shops wouldn't print out something like this because of copyright issues. Anybody got a good solution to printing these out at a reasonable price? Perhaps an online printing solution? Ideally, I'm looking for a solution that runs about $10 an issue.
  3. I saw this forum when specifically looking for magazine scans. I have a TON of old magazine scans, specifically EGM and Gamepro, from about 1991-1996 and a scanner.
  4. Maybe it's just the PS3? I've never seen a non-frozen PS3 kiosk.
  5. Man, I cannot stand the remote covers. they look awful.
  6. I've modded quite a few consoles to be region free. But never modded an xbox or anything.
  7. Texas, USA. Austin to be exact. I'm a senior at the University of Texas.