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  1. ☠@FearTWD Man these trippy sequences are really something; well-shot transitions. If only we had more of them throughout the series #FearTWD

  2. @ChannelZeroSYFY

  3. @BlondiesSecret Hustle Cat!

  4. @moldyclay I once mentioned Rhett Butler during a GoNintendo podcast. They said great name for a cat but didn't catch what I was referencing

  5. @JoniKomulainen @kyugi hehe I tried to get that same angle with mine #NokiaN9 #MeeGo

  6. Jamie Lee Curtis back to Halloween, Linda Hamilton back to Terminator, now if Angelina Jolie to cameo in @TombRaiderMovie I'ma hit the roof!

  7. @asot @DJScottBond @CharlieWalkerDJ ♪ @arminvanbuuren sure knows his The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild; watch out for redeads #ASOT831

  8. @robtswthrayguns hehe or you could do what @Timecop1983 did and print out the corrected text and we sticker them on

  9. @asot This week's Service For Dreamers is underwhelming; wish you'd select people who are more deserving of the feature #ASOT830

  10. @diamond_field One of many portals; The glass box in NYC conveys the idea of experimentation. Subject of the experiment appears #TwinPeaks

  11. @FerryCorstenCC @venaccio ♪ Ferry played Wave Rush on that ASOT takeover; if System F were to return I want it to sound big like this #CC531

  12. @futurecopx ♪ mmm one of my favorites from #Alvograth; sweet pop vocal from @wearelghtnng What's the story behind the song title?

  13. @asot @tiesto @FerryCorsten ♪ The B side track, Dreamtime, is also really good from Vimana; but doesn't get enough play as We Came #ASOT827

  14. @13ReasonsWhy ❀ I'm two episodes away, and this is so heartwrenching I had to stop and watch some Simpsons to cool off before I can continue

  15. @LunaLowell Thanks for Don't Look In The Basement. Halfway I realized it was the film featured in my childhood favorite horror, HOUSE (1986)