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  1. @HellFestMovie oh hey it's the girl from Channel Zero season two <3 #HellFestMovie

  2. @aboveandbeyond @Audien ♪ I wondered for years when someone would do a dance version of the Van Halen classic Jump,…

  3. @asot @thekillers @Ianstanderwick ♪ wow, what a coincidence, I was humming along to Mr. Brightside a few days ago;…

  4. @WarnerArchive @wbshop I'm glad Supergirl (1984) is headed to Blu-ray, and I wish the reverse side of the cover wou…

  5. @asot @alyandfila @ferrycorsten ♪ a pumpin' remix of Camellia by @djciaranmcauley that makes me wanna fly like Amelia Earhart

  6. @GKIDSfilms Thanks for bringing POM POKO to #GhibliFest! It was quite amusing and comical, so grounded in Japanese…

  7. @thenunmovie @creepypuppet hmm interesting.. I'm already liking the Transylvania setting

  8. @aboveandbeyond ♪ mmm wonderful guest mix from Trance Wax; I've always wanted a chillout version of Clear Blue Wate…

  9. @asot ♪ Nexus Asia was definitely one of my favorites from the legendary Vincent de Moor under his Questia alias; I…

  10. @aboveandbeyond @FsoeRecordings ♪ Any relation to RODEA the Sky Soldier? It was a game on Wii/Wii U/3DS by Sonic creator, @NakaYuji #ABGT284

  11. @TheSimpsons hehe interesting to see what goes on in Bart's head; also liking the spoops here as we're halfway to Halloween

  12. @RahulKohli13 For a second there, I thought we'd be getting a #Lucifer crossover

  13. ♪@FerryCorstenCC @BartClaessen @aboveandbeyond #CC567 I couldn't help but rollback to listen to the bangin' origina…

  14. @79SemiFinalist Yes, it's a thing now, and probably for the better of the franchise. It'd be a neat little story fo…