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  1. @13ReasonsWhy ❀ I'm two episodes away, and this is so heartwrenching I had to stop and watch some Simpsons to cool off before I can continue

  2. @LunaLowell Thanks for Don't Look In The Basement. Halfway I realized it was the film featured in my childhood favorite horror, HOUSE (1986)

  3. @asot ♪ @FerryCorsten and @DIM3NSIONMUSIC droppin' dynamites on #ASOT825 takeover

  4. @RothSothy @aboveandbeyond @fm84 @OllieWride We've had Patrick Baker, Grum, I hope Dezza plays his remix of @TheMidnightLA #ABGT #synthwave

  5. @SHO_TwinPeaks Dougie! What's in the box?

  6. @Daniel_Garrick @PierrePienaar Limitations boost our creativity. I rarely use more than 20 mixer channels per track. Everyone's different

  7. ♪@aboveandbeyond This episode #ABGT240 is "blazing" with tracks from Purple Haze, Rolo Green Budd, and Andy Dugweed… now imagine #ABGT420 ☮✌

  8. @FerryCorstenCC @Airbase @FlashoverRec ♪ throwback to when the artist for Panache was still under ID ✌…

  9. ♪@BT I remember calling in requesting Flaming June on our UMass radio station; my friends were in awe when heard

  10. @robtswthrayguns heh speaking of #SundayFunDay

  11. @robtswthrayguns heh speaking of #SundayFunDay

  12. I remember back in '93, movie poster hung in school cafeteria, just admiring its ingenious design

  13. @FerryCorstenCC @LightformTrance @DS_Recs ♪ Now if only someone were to mash this up with an Oasis (the band) song, that'd be sweet! #CC520

  14. RT @therealadamwest: Our beloved AW passed away last night. He was the greatest. We'll miss him like crazy. We know you'll miss him too - W…

  15. ⚔ watched #WonderWoman on Saturday; It's wonderful! Reminded me of old school fantasy films I miss like Red Sonja and Ladyhawke @PattyJenks