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  1. 1st is gamepro tv 2nd ver. 2nd GameZcape a videogames show that also AIRED on FOXSC year or 2 after 2nd ver. of Gameprotv finishing airing on that channel this part the first look at NINTENDO Gamecube and GBA at 2000 Spaceworld and game demos like Zelda AND Pokemon AND GAMES like Luigi's Mansion ,Shenmue on Dreamcast gamezcape ep 1 part 1 3 . was a vgm on vhs tape Fuse . just upload scans of the fuse vhs tape here happy viewing
  2. First Issue Of Gamefan Released!

    great magazine thanks
  3. Club Nintendo

    sign up a month a ago. club nintendo with new account name and register 2 games I got last year . old codes and already use codes don't work from games. of I have account old with alot games from 4 or years ago which for old bonus offers from Nintendo like the like free zelda offer and other ones. the new club Nintendo is great . do have many coins yet.
  4. Anyone Here That Wasn't Born In The Nes Age?

    born in 1973 1st seen and played videogames in arcade on trip to Florida when was 5yrs(1978). and 1st console was some time my father got Odyssey^2 .I later in 82-83 bought a atari 2600 so the arcade/atari age