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  1. So whad'ya think? 2009 SuKeD 4 m3

    I was laid off (accountant) late December 2008 and still out of work. Enjoying it for the most part, but my schedule is out of wack and my mental state is from one extreme to another. I want to start my own online business, but it takes a while to learn PHP, MySQL, Javascript... I've spent months reading books and learning new things. Plus, I still want to study for the CPA exam which I haven't taken even though I've been out of college 4 years. It's amazing all things you can't do while you're working because you're a slave to the company. I really like having the ability for self improvement and enlightenment. So, it looks like I have to go back to work eventually, which I hate, since my benefits will end sometime just before or at the end of summer. But I still have my dream that someday I won't have to.
  2. Hello everyone -- I joined this site awhile ago but never posted. Because of Retromags, I got back into collecting old videogame magazines. Seeing these scans brings back so many memories. Because of this I hate retromags and love it at the same time. I've gotten a lot of magazines cheap -- Sega Visions, many EGM issues, etc. But, I had to buy some from BillMarioMan and he charges an arm and a leg. He also used to snipe some of the auctions I was about to win and then sold each magazine individually for much more. Because of that I try not to deal with him too much. Thankfully I just scored a very nice collection for a great price. Also, the person I bought the magazines from wants to hook me up with his early Gamefans (92-95) instead of putting them on EBAY. I also just purchased the 1989 Buyer's Guide (EGM issue 0) from a seller for $129, which is more than I ever paid for a magazine, but it was in perfect shape, in plastic, boarded, and incredible. I also wanted to buy it before our man Bill did and tried to sell it for $175 (he's got two at that inflated price). Anyway, this is just a hello to all of you guys. Love the site.