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  1. Well, after a little more digging, I've answered my own question. The Comic Hero was named Alex West. Here's a snippit from a GamePro rememerance column The first installment of Dr. Zombie's "The Adventures of GamePro" 4-page comic strip started in this issue, too. It told the tale of ubergamer Alex West, who got sucked into the Video Dimension by the sorceror Zardoth. In this alternate dimension, all the action and drama of video games were real and Alex's super gaming skills were needed to help defeat the alien menace of the Evil Darklings who had infested various video games with the intention of using them as a conduit to conquer Earth. Alex would zap into various games each issue and undertake the role of the main character of each game to eradicate the Evil Darkling threat (sure, this sounds similar to Quantum Leap...but I came up with this premise a couple years earlier!) I'm working on trying to get the comics, turns out GamePro had them for free downloads back on their 200th issue.
  2. I used to have a couple old Gamepro issues that had a comic hero in them. From what I could tell he was like a weird rip off of Captain N, only he covered other games like Sega. He was a guy from the real world given these bracelets that could give him powers, but the old guy who gave them to him only told him about it when he was about to get killed or eaten or something. I remember after the comic run was over, a stand alone mag was released with all the comics in it. I tried to get a copy but I never had the money when I saw it, then never saw it again. I'd love to finally read the things in their entireity. Anyone remember that? Even better, anyone have those old comics or the standalone? Anyone remember the name of the comic at least?
  3. My postman is ok, though I've notice the same hate filled eyes when I ship things off. But I think my UPS Carrier is either retarded or lazy. Twice now I've missed guaranteed 3-day packages because of a "Missing Apartment Number" The thing is, I don't LIVE in an apartment building, I live in a friggin' house! The apartments are on the other side of the street, an odd number large as life on the side of the building. I'm an even number and more toward the middle, but twice now I've checked the tracking number and it got taken back to the warehouse because of a missing Apartment number. I hope after my last call, they realize I don't live in an apartment building, if it happens again I'm gonna demand my money back and I'll be switching to FedEx for everything.
  4. I just can't get over the fact that this has happened so many times. I've played Wii Sports high and never once threw the remote across the room. I've fallen down alot, but being high that was the funny part.
  5. 1. Revamped Boss music from Final Fantasy VII AC 2. Mega Man 2 Intro 3. The Legend of Zelda Theme 4. Super Mario Bros. Theme 5. Castlevania II Dracula's Castle Theme.
  6. I never cared about DVD playback on my Nintendo System, either the Cube or the Wii. When I bought the Cube at Launch, I had 3 DVD Players in my house, 2 DVD drives on my computer and the DVD player hooked to the TV. On Wii Launch day? I have 6, 2 for 2 TVs, 3 for my computer and my PS2(which doesn't work anymore...DAMN SONY!!!) So I never cared about DVD playback, it was just one thing that would jack the price up that most people really don't need. And I have serious doubts about a million long code, if thats so, thats gonna be the background code that you never see. What you actually put in will be something alot simpler.
  7. I've got a World Video Game Championships Pin from Blockbuster, they had some game competition a hella long time ago when I was a kid. If I remember right, you had to get high scores in 3 games. Clayfighter, TMNT Fighting Game, and I think a basketball game.