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  1. GameBoy Advance games I should play

    I reccomend you these games: "Game & Watch Gallery" "ChuChu Rocket!" and "Gekido Advance".
  2. First Video Game Console You Bought?

    ATARI 2600 clone. It had about 100~200 games thankfully built-in, because there were no cartridges to buy anywhere...
  3. Need help remembering a magazine from 1996-97

    Check out GamePro Issue 101 from February 1997. I had this one back in 1997, and this issue has all the special & finishing moves, plus "kombos". When I played MK I always had it opened in that section , because it fits with almost all games from the series of Mortal Kombat on all platforms
  4. Sega Master System

    What about Transbot, Bank Panic, Running Battle, Spider-Man, Alien3, Psychic World,Dynamite Duke, Strider, World Cup Italia '90, Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Xenon 2, Forgotten Worlds.... I love SegaMasterSystem, so many arcade ports,many many days of great memories happy felings while playing with friends, ,
  5. Favorite Video Game Music

    Streets of Rage (Sega Genesis) <- best intro Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis) Asterix and the Power of the Gods (Sega Genesis) <- dozen of great classical music Pocahontas (Sega Genesis) Mortal Kombat series (Sega Genesis) Stargate (Sega Genesis) <-egyptian music Adventures of Batman & Robin (Sega Genesis) Spider-man Maximum Carnage (Sega Genesis) Misadventures of Flink (Sega Genesis) <-fantasy music Mickey Mania (Sega Genesis)
  6. Michael Jordan...Yeah I always wanted to play as HIM (and Shaquille O'Neal & Charles Barkley) in NBA Jam,NBA Hangtime ... And I never understood why they were absent ? Because of license their names to smething like this ?
  7. Top 5 Greatest Games Ever

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall (PC) WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game (Arcade) Fallout 2 (PC) Killing Time (PC)
  8. I'm wrestling fan too, and I like "WWF Royal Rumble" and "WWF RAW" (Sega Genesis versionss) too, but I prefer Midway's game because of great fast action and fantastic digitized graphics. For some reasons this game was just most underrated game ever! In the same time Mortal Kombat was simply most overrated. That strange fact and opinions about WWF Arcade never ceases to amaze me...... ..never...
  9. As a big fan of this game I'm looking for every information (previews, reviews, tips, strategies, behind the scenes, trivia) about it from magazines back from 1995(4?). I've searched GamePro and EGM front covers from Year 1995 and almost nothing, just MK3 all over... Only thing which I have myself at home is GamePro (December 1995). which holds Sega Genesis' version ProReview. Does anyone have EGM 2 volume 2 issue 4 from October 1995 or could post here at least information in which title&issue I could find something?
  10. Favorite Retro Console?

    Seriously........ Even back then it surely wasn't what everyone wanted from "virtual-head-on" game system. It's not about batteries charge, it's about quality and that red-black "dream" wasn't enough to get money from our pockets. It was simply disappointing, even for Year 1995! Luckily Eidos gave us Tomb Raider, Nintendo gave us Zelda, and that was what everyone wanted from 3D gaming! Happily everyone forgot about VBoy and it all ended well VBoy is no more
  11. Your Top 10 Snes Games

    1.Earthworm Jim 2 2.Batman Forever 3.Stargate 4.Earthworm Jim 1 5.Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage 6.Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi 7.Fever Pitch Soccer 8.NBA Hangtime 9.Super Star Wars 10.Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Crossroads of Time
  12. Favorite Retro Console?

    Sega Mega Drive because of Golden Axe, Sonic, Streets Of Rage,Landstalker, Beyond Oasis, Flink and many other arcade & RPG games.
  13. Favorite/most Played Game?

    WWF Wrestlemania Arcade others worth of mention: Daggerfall Killing Time Fallout 2 Zelda 64 Golden Axe Warrior I can list more because I played dozen of games