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  1. lol, Thats pretty much the distillation of general internet conversation right there.
  2. Racketboy Sega-16 Worldofspectrum Lemonamiga Retro-sanctuary here Hardcore Gaming is pretty usefull too but on ocassion really p#sses me off with bad information
  3. If you want hard then look to the C64 of Spectrum, there's not really any trully hard games on the NES or later consoles.
  4. Personally i'd say the 32X, CDI and the Atari Jaguar were the most dissapointing consoles/add ons ever made, they just didn't really have any stand out titles Consoles that aren't dissapointing 3DO - I never expected anything to come from this console when it was 1st announced but by the end it had 30-40 good games many of which could stand up to their peers on the PS1 and Saturn so I couldn't say it was dissapointing, however I'm sure if I'd paid the full $700 when it came out that would've been a different matter. N64 - I chose the N64 over the PS1 during that gen and felt validated by my decision ever day from then onwards, never once did I feel dissapointed in anyway, the controller was great when you got used to it, the graphics to me looked far superior to those on Saturn/PS1, there were loads of cool 4 player games that me and my friends had great fun with and though the games did cost more many were the best of their genres available for the time.
  5. I'm having the same problem too, except i'm pretty sure it's been over a month since I last downloaded a magazine
  6. I immediately started reading from newest to oldest order when I got it
  7. yep, imports too, I have hoards of that era on my harddrive, some guy scanned most of the 80's and early 90's CVG already and has been selling them on the net
  8. There was loads of PC Engine coverage in CVG during the time
  9. other, I would appreciate any 3DO magazines, most of the other consoles I like already have a pretty decent showing magazine wise.
  10. including Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix?!?!?!
  11. I had a subscription to club nintendo when i was, like, 9 or 10 years old, I never subscribed to any magazines other than that though, my mother threw all of those mags away when I was young, it's really nice being able to download them from this site and read them again now
  12. I'm gonna' go for an all C64 top 5 1. R-Type 2. Ocean Loader (The one used for Firefly, not sure what number that is ) 3. Nemesis the Warlock 4. Gemini Wing 5. Shadow of the Beast
  13. Yeah, I heard about that a while ago, I still have my 3DO hooked up to the TV though so It makes no difference to me which reminds me, this site is in some bad need of more 3DO love, magazine wise
  14. I have the game & watch game, and I quite proud of it, I got it when I was a kid, most people I run into never knew it ever existed
  15. I wish the magazine had been right, Sega would've saved some money and respect :(
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