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  1. BTW I am Jason, I've been a very long time lurker here at Retromags under this account so I'm glad to see some of my scans up here finally
  2. Hyper?

    I've got a lot of Hypers, from the very early editions right through to the current issues - probably over 100 in total. It's always been my intention to scan them, but as usual finding the time is my problem. They are part of my personal collection so I'm not really keen to send them away. If I can I'll do a few issues. It's a uniquely Aussie magazine with a style of its own. I was always curious whether there would be any interest from our overseas friends in some of our mags. I've also got a lot of other late 80s-early 90s mags like MegaZone, the short lived Personal Computer Games (mid 80s) and lots more. One day I'll get them scanned...