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  1. Why do you guys scan mags?

    My reasons? (I scan for Kiwi's World) 1 - partly nostalgia. I love to read old magazines, so I also appreciate the work others do. Because I can reciprocate, I do. 2 - I've been a gamer since the late 1970s. I've been saving all the magazines I've bought since the mid 80s. I've come to the point where I needed to empty out the literally hundreds of kg of magazines filling my cupboards. I couldn't bear to throw them out with at least seeing them preserved so I can read them on a tablet, and shared for others to enjoy. I'm keeping some treasured stuff like a Zzap 64 collection but most is going. 3 - I keep my workflows pretty simple and I have a document scanner which can feed 50 sheets, so I usually just scan something while watching TV or browse Reddit or whatever on the other monitor, so it's something I can do without concentrating too much I hope that others enjoy the stuff I do but thats just a side benefit.
  2. The Better ADF scanner

    Ok I happen to have an ix500 AND an Epson Workforce A3 AIO. When I first started scanning for Kiwi I used the Epson's document feeder (the 2 x Planet Gameboys on Kiwis World are done with it). The feeder frequently grabbed 2 pages, and it rarely fed straight. It was ok for matte pages but for glossy stuff like Edge it was totally useless. These things are pretty much only useful for scanning the occasional loose sheet. More often than not I ended up having to put them on the flatbed page by page The frustration I had using it quickly offset any cost savings , so I promptly went and got an ix500 for A4 stuff, and I have Kiwis old A3 scanner for larger stuff (which is sadly playing up atm)
  3. BTW I am Jason, I've been a very long time lurker here at Retromags under this account so I'm glad to see some of my scans up here finally
  4. Hyper?

    I've got a lot of Hypers, from the very early editions right through to the current issues - probably over 100 in total. It's always been my intention to scan them, but as usual finding the time is my problem. They are part of my personal collection so I'm not really keen to send them away. If I can I'll do a few issues. It's a uniquely Aussie magazine with a style of its own. I was always curious whether there would be any interest from our overseas friends in some of our mags. I've also got a lot of other late 80s-early 90s mags like MegaZone, the short lived Personal Computer Games (mid 80s) and lots more. One day I'll get them scanned...