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  1. Only emulators now, and quite often. All my old systems are long gone except for my Nintendo DS, Game Cube, Wii and my Xbox One. Other than emulators on my Mac, the battery in my DS is dead so its a pain to sit in front of an outlet and play it, the Game Cube and Wii are both in a storage unit so I can't even play those, Xbox is the only one still active.
  2. Oh man this is gonna be tough I have to think way back haha.. Atari 2600 - Combat, Pac-Man (made dad by me Pac Man with the 2600) NES - Super Mario Bros, Karate Champ (got the NES for christmas along with the horrible Karate Champ as another gift) Genesis - I THINK it was Sword of Vermillion but it might have been a Sonic game, I can't remember if mine came with one or not. SNES - Killer Instinct N64 - Super Mario 64 Game Cube - Was either Mario Kart or one of the Rogue Squadron games. Cant remember exactly. GBA - Mario Kart Super Circuit Nintendo DS - Mario Kart DS Wii - Ghostbusters, Metroid Prime Trilogy. Technically it would've been Wii Sports but I bought both of those on the way home after I bought the Wii. Xbox One - Destiny, Call of Duty Ghosts, and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare all at once the day I got it as well.
  3. I have these ones if it helps at all.. (These are all the Nintendo Players Guide series) Chrono Trigger Earthbound Gameboy Links Awakening Mario Mania Mario Paint NES Game Atlas Super Game Boy Super Mario RPG Super Metroid Super NES Top Secret Passwords Zelda: A Link To The Past The Official Nintendo Player's Guide
  4. Hmm Ive got a Minibosses album hehe. Not too much in the way of wierd game stuff other than what came with the collectors version of Robotech Battlecry and the figures from American McGee's Alice. Somewhere in a box buried in my closet are my pins I got for renewing Nintendo Power. Think theres 3 or 4 laying around. Other than that just the usual Star Wars toys/vehicles/Legos/Pez dispensers, etc.. Some nice Robotech mecha too..
  5. I hardly ever do but usually its just turning it over and wiping down the keys with some rubbing alcohol. Im really hating that Apple made their keyboards white too cause you can really tell its been awhile!!
  6. Id have to say Wolfenstein 3d made the genre, and with its profits ID got better advertising for Doom hehehe.. That original run ID did was so awesome.. And then every other company killed the genre with waaaaaay too many of them.. You can only do Quake for so long, whether its a WWII scene, outer space, or in Hell! That Mario skin looked rad though! If only Mario couldve had a chainsaw in the original SMB series!! Thor thats funny you mentioned the motion sickness. I used to stay up all hours running through Doom/Doom2/Quake1-2-3 deathmatches just fine.. Then the one day I played Unreal Tournament on a friends XBox on a big screen, thought I was going to puke my guts out!!
  7. astos?? i just beat you up in Final Fantasy tonight haha! Well name is Chris.. 32 or so.. Wandered over here from a brief trip at when I learned that it was this site that actually did the work and put together a rather large collection of Nintendo Power issues that were going around via torrents.. Got my first NES waaaaay back in 86.. Addict ever since the Atari 2600/Apple II hit the streets and had to keep the consoles coming!! Sadly most of my cartridges only work about half the time now, but I gotta say thanks to Retromags for providing the mags I threw out about 20 years ago or Id still be running around looking for body parts in Simon's Quest!!
  8. Wow that sure puts Mario into perspective.. That mans gotten around!! Phillyman dont forget, Donkey Kong himself seems to have become a bit of its own franchise with all the Conga/Country/etc games out! You may be at it for years!!
  9. The original probably ranks as my favorite NES game ever, alongside the memory of buying that shiny gold Legend of Zelda in 87 and spending $60 on it hah! Always loved the RPGs (started on my old Apple addicted to Ultima and Bard's Tale) and there was just something about that game being sooo huge at the time.. Went through 2 and 3 on my SNES, then took a vacation until I picked up VII for my Pc years later.. That game right there ruined the series for me. It was too long, seemed to concentrate too much on how good it looked and just wasnt much fun. I remember hitting parts of the game where I didnt even know what I was doing it was so confusing at times. Hmm that reminds me I still need to pick up Dawn of Souls for the GBA!!
  10. They seem to keep getting me and my roommate to spend money on em! Even though between us weve got the NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, 2 Game Cubes and now a Wii! Not to mention those um little ROM dealios that fill up a whole hard drive of mine. Guess I keep buying them here and there for convenience of having it with me whenever. Kinda like why I own the original Zelda for NES, GC, GBA, the rom for Nestopia, and now the VC hehe.