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  1. Its My Birthday!

    happy birthday man! thank you for the awesome work!.
  2. Stumbleupon Retromags!

    I'll write a review for you thor! But I'm italian so don't get angry if the english is so-so Dude I can't get how to post a review starting from zero, that site is the zenith of UNuser-friendlyness But in the meantime I'll post it on the blog since I love you site and the work you've done thor Thank you for the power up phillyman
  3. Stumbleupon Retromags!

    man I never heard about stumbleupon...oh well, never say never...I posted a review for you guys, If you need something similar on other website let us know.
  4. Retromags Positions!

    man photoshop is my weapon of choice, if it's just a magazine per month is really no big deal: I'll start getting some ACE scans for you, If you need help just adjust pages let me know.
  5. Wii Virtual Console

    They gave me sin and punishment on a pal machine: I'm a really happy puppy. Now I'll silently wait for Kof 98..
  6. Playing Final Fantasy

    I'm playing Final Fantasy Tactics the war of the lions for psp. As always, the game's cool as long as you get Orlandou, then it's slaughterfest for the poor enemies. Man that creep is so powerful that it seems brocken...Using him is like cheating. Mereover, they added the cameos of balthier from FF12 and Luso from FFTA2: both overpowered if you ask me (tha first has the barrage skill that shoots 4 times in a row to a single foe, the second has the shout skill that pump the little moster a LOT in all stats)...The game is cool but still lacks character balancing...
  7. Those Bastards Are Doing It Again.

    man, I was so burned when snk released NG Pocket Colour a pair of months after I bought the normal b&w version that any new console release is just piece of cake :bruce_h4h:
  8. New Members Introduce Yourselves

    Hi There, I'm Dan from sunny Italy! I LOVE retrogaming, expecially Saturn and Pcengine. As I always say, the best games have already been released so here i am, looking for old scans and offering help with italian magazines as long as i can supply em. I often write for popular video games magazines here in italy and...well, that's all for now!