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  1. Loz: Oracles Of Seasons And Ages

    I was impressed that it WAS two seperate games with unique worldmaps, items, etc in a period where the Pokemon 'same game, minor changes' approach was the trend.
  2. Console Wars 2007

    I totally agree with the assessment of this threads starting post - interestingly the current 'console war' mirrors that of the Snes vs Megadrive (Genesis) war several generations ago pretty closely.
  3. New Members Introduce Yourselves

    Hello everyone, My name is Ben Warren, most people online know me as Enker. I'm a working graphic designer and illustrator in Hertford, England and freelance writer - mostly in the field of Retro Gaming and Popular Culture. I also run a couple of webcomics. A big fan of games, and rpgs in particular, I think that ANY site that scans and maintains old magazines for the future is a wonderful thing!
  4. The MM series has its highs and lows - but its true, the series is ALWAYS at its best when the simplicity of play allowed for some wonderfully imaginative level design.
  5. Having broken and finally ordered copies of Seasons and Ages for my Gameboy Colour (which is currently getting a revival in my house since myself and my three flatmates re-discovered the original pokemon games) I must admit that I am enjoying them immensly. I'm unsure if they are as ground-breaking as the wonderful 'LOZ: Link's Awakening' but it certainly has the same feel to it that I remember and love from my younger days (I'm 24! It's not old!!) What do people think about these two twin games, linked as they are by codes.