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  1. New Members Introduce Yourselves

    i'm a 27 year old elementary school teacher and full time husband. I'm also really into sports specifically football and basketball. i help coach a church league basketball team and i'm really involved with my local church. Also, I am an avid gamer and videogame collector including retro gaming magazines. I found this site just by chance while trying to find some back issues of a couple of magazines through ebay. I own most of the popular consoles from the early 90's to now including the snes, genesis, 32x, ps1, ps2, xbox, xbox 360, psp, dslite, sega dreamcast, n64, and the wii. I used to subscribe to gamepro in the early to mid 90's and i still own most of those magazines now. i still get EGM, Gameinformer, and OXM in the mail. i think i have around 400 total gaming magazines dating back to 1993 to current. i own around 350 games including 114 carts for the snes. anyway, i'm looking to make some friends and start reading some of the scanned magazines from the website. i dont have a scanner and i'm not very good with photo shop but i did donate a few dollars to the website in hopes that it lives forever. anyway, if you play xbox live, my gamertag is ncman071. BTW, i live in North Carolina and i'm a 2004 graduate of Appalachian State University who just won their 3rd consecutive national championship in FCS (formally IAA) footall. in case you didn't know, we also shocked the world by winning in Ann Arbor and defeating a Michigan team who also just beat 12th ranked Florida in their bowl game.
  2. Wii Virtual Console

    i'm really pleased with the VC. sometimes i kind of wish nintendo would add some new features to some of those old games, kind of like xbla. however, they preserve the true essence of the titles on the VC. personally i only own 2 VC titles so far (Zelda Ocanara of Time and Splatter house) but i plan on getting quite a few more