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    Why .cbr?

    I interested in helping with the conversion from .cbr to .pdf. How do I have to proceed?
  2. Hello, my name is Mauro, I'm 25 years old and I'm from Recife - Brazil. I work for the government as a sofware engineer, and I'm curretly studying Law, since I had enough of programming. I just came across the and I have to tell you that I found its idea no more than amazing. My gaming experience started in the late 80's with an Atari 2600, evolving in the early 90's to a Sega Master System. After these two consoles I owned a Super NES and a Nintendo 64. Currently I'm enjoing my PS2, a NDS and a PSP. My favorite games of all time are Chrono Trigger and Ocarina of Time, in this order. Regarding game mazines, I remember collecting then since the first day I had my Sega Master System. Of course they were Brazilian ones. My firt contact with a mag from abroad was with a few EMG editions, that I still have here with (this was around 1994, I think). Since back than a barely knew english, I almost only looked at the pictures and the nice ads. It was very hard to find these EGM editions here in Brazil, and when you found one it was very very expensive. Now the Brazilian editorial market counts with nice magazines like nintendo power and egm brazil, but imported egm are still quite expensive. Here at retomags I'm most interested in revisiting old game reviews and news. I'm particulary interested in the inssue #100 of EGM, for sentimental reasons (Although I targeted to own that one, it was impossible to find it in the city, and I had to live with the issue #101. It was the best I could find).