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  1. Direct Links?

    Bit comet is what im using, downloading about 8 other things right now with it they are working fine, which torrents are you seeding/ link too them?
  2. Direct Links?

    None of the torrents are working, either going unseeded or unable to connect to trackers. Where are the direct links to the scans?
  3. Unclear About Something

    I am willing to pay for all the issues, and I also have a scanner if you guys need stuff scanned, only problem I have with scanning is I have nothing to scan, hence the reason im here. Ive gotten all the public releases on the pirate bay, but im looking for a set My main motive though is to throw together a couple of dvd's worth of the nintendo power magazines for retro value, as well i havent read them in ages
  4. Unclear About Something

    Do you have to pay the fee to get access to all the scans? Im looking for as many as I can find at the moment, and found out about this place from the pirate bay.