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  1. If you want quiet fans, get some that are 20dB or less (at 1m). Papst and Panasonic Panaflo are quite quiet. Thermaltake do some quiet ones, too. As a general rule, the larger the fans, the better. So, if your case uses 80mm fans, you'll find it has more high-pitched noise than a 92mm or 120mm fan. You might want to think about getting another case. However, don't forget that silent usually means less airflow. The point of a fan is cooling. The other thing is - you take one noisy element out, and you'll notice the next. Put a "silent" case fan in, and you'll notice the PSU is noisy, then the CPU, then the graphics card, then the Northbridge fan, then the hard drive.....
  2. Hi All! My name is Mark. I live in England, and I am a Computer Technician. I came across this site from another magazine forum, thought I'd join up. I have a fairly large collection of gaming magazines from the UK (near complete SSM, complete Ultimate!, complete Official Dreamcast Magazine, complete N64, complete NGC, near complete N64 Pro, near complete Nintendo Power, many issues of Crash!, Your Sinclair, and various other magazines). At the moment, I am very busy, so scanning is out of the question. Maybe one day I'll get around to it, though... would be nice to contribute! As for gaming, I have just about every console imaginable, several old 8 and 16-bit home micros, oh yeah and a few arcade machines!