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  1. OK, thanks, Phillyman. I appreciate it.
  2. the best parts are that the boos are sperm. and Peach laid a yoshi egg possessed by the boos and that yoshi egg hatched into EVIL YOSHI AND BABY MARIO!
  3. I am in between 1 and 25 posts now but i'm in the newbie rank instead of being in the Member's rank. Why is that?
  4. oh. I forgot to introduce myself. I'm ZOMBIETOADBOY10 from a forum with the same style as this one *IP Board* Called NSider2. my real name is Chris Sanders and I am 18 years old. the consoles I have are NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, and Sega Genesis *With Sega CD* *I'm willing to try to make it work*. In real life I am 6'6" and I am bulky. I live somewhere in Southeast Kentucky.
  5. I like mario Galaxy. It's a pretty sweet game. Got 110 or is it 111 power stars on there. Couldn't get that Boneyard purple coin challenge, that Dreadnought Galaxy's minigame where you have to throw bombs on those pieces of trash to get a power star, and others that i cannot list