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  1. But isn't this illegal? I hope the creator doesn't get sued.
  2. I really don't see how M rated games hurt kids. I played many back in my day and I came out normal.
  3. I doubt that it really is making a comeback. Say, why does nobody reply to these news stories?
  4. It doesn't say anything about it anymore. Oh well.
  5. LOL! That's so funny! The first one is very true.
  6. LOL! This is so funny! A lot better version of dead baby jokes.
  7. I don't know, I thought it was fun, but Super Mario 64 will always be the best 3D Mario for me.
  8. I know what you mean also. I think it is so addicting because it's so nonlinear with everything you can do.
  9. Why the heck could they think they could get away with this? Nobodys going to want to get any more 360's or future xbox's down there.
  10. Hello. My name is DarknessDeku. I live in the United States, and I will be going to college for a degree in computers. I get gaming magazines whenever I feel like it. I usually just get different kinds, but more often than not I get Nintendo Power. Nothing old, though. I have every major Nintendo console, as well as a DS, Game Gear, Genesis, PS2, and a 360.
  11. I just wondered what all you have to contribute to this site before I can look at the old Nintendo Power magazines.