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  1. it'll be interesting to see who'll come out swinging for a continuation of console war '07 brawl will be a major blow for the wii, of course.
  2. this latest iteration of mario kart should be great...nintendo has rly done a good job of bumping its classics to the wii level
  3. quite a list u have thar. These movies (most of them, anywhoo,) should kick major butt.
  4. i think that the latest comic book media to come out has been faithful to their source new cartoons with uber involvement of Marvel people should be really good
  5. that is rly nice....just shows to go ya how good mario can look on ANY platform.
  6. that is crazy, truly u can find ANYTHING on ebay.
  7. why can't people be allowed to play what they want??
  8. i have a psm subscription, never a nintendo power tho.
  9. ya, i think its gonna take some key titles to really get the ps3 started (DMC4, MGS4) eerie that those r all fours, go figure
  10. I usually just wipe the thing with a tissue-their light enough not to cause more damage.