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  1. Hello everyone. I don't feel like talking about myself much. I'm an old gamer... collected many old mags. (That's why I'm here ) Played a bit on the old atari consoles. Owned a 'nintendo' (rip-offs of famicoms actually - all that was available where I'm from). Sega Mega Drive. PSOne PCs- 386 and up) Started lanning with Doom and well, it will take too long to tell the full story and I wouldn't want to bore anyone. So, on to what brings me to this fine site in the 1st place(looks nice) I've been looking for the MKII deathchart. Was a great poster I had on my wall for years with all the MKII moves on it. It was in SEGA Magazine Issue #11 - You can see it here: I think this was a great collection. Don't see people talk about it much though.