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  1. is working on joining posters as time allows.

  2. Nice job on the posters, thanks for joining them!

  3. Nintendo Player's Guides

    I know I've been MIA for a while, but what happened to 420s guides? He had like 40-ish of the NPGs scanned. Do you plan on rescanning all of those? I fear there may be some drama here or something =| (420s guides a-la the Nintendo Player's Guide project over at Transexual-Underground)
  4. What Interests You?

    I voted for Nintendo Power cause I'm really more interested in polishing off all of the missing stuff. (rather than more issues, etc.)
  5. Damn Thats A Big Heatsink

    image shown for display purpose? wait what? what else is an image for?
  6. Phillyman Experiments With Photo Editing

    Photoshop can batch edit too ya know =)
  7. Snes Buyers Guide's And Mega Play

    Ah I see. Was the official snes game guide of of your releases? I think I nabbed it off of emuparadise and was wondering where it came from...
  8. Wrapping Up Loose Ends!

    Ah I joined the cover to 128: Not sure which is prefered :shuriken: Should I continue scanning? or do you want the cred for it =P
  9. Snes Buyers Guide's And Mega Play

    snes buyer's guide? Is that the same as/related to the "official SNES Game Guide"? or is it something completely different?
  10. Nintendo Power Shutting Down?

  11. Wrapping Up Loose Ends!

    I'm currently working on everything from issue 128. I managed to dig up 126-139 but i'm missing 138 x_x
  12. Wrapping Up Loose Ends!

    i sent you links to joined poster(s) for issue 137 (looks like one of them was resized or compressed or something, I'll re-up it) also i found an issue of 146 that has TWO posters, yes two of the same I'll be getting those to you soon. edit: scans done I'll pm you with links Philly... For those interested: 137 links: 146 links:
  13. Okami

    yeah (well Okami is) Godhand is a game about punching people Clover also made Viewtiful Joe.another one i have yet to try out... but it has a pretty solid fan-base and great reviews across the board.
  14. Okami

    Ah i have god hand just sitting waiting to be played. It's supposed to be great. Have you seen the Videogaiden review of it? made me laugh a few times: I'm so sad that Clover is gone. I would love to see a second Okami... but now that Clover is gone there either won't be one or it'll be a real crappy one. :clover:
  15. Okami

    Perhaps this should go in the game reviews section, but I don't think a rave is worthy of being called a review. Just wondering if any of you out there in Nintendo-land have got around to playing okami on the PS2. It's seriously revived the worth of my PS2 (for me). It's been a long time since I've found a game that really consumes me. the game sort of reminds me of Zelda:OoT (it's been called "zelda-killer" and PSM calls it "the Playstation answer to Legends of Zelda") but it certainly has it's differences. Also it's graphic style is just to die for... Anyway I could probably go on forever about it, but if you have a ps2 and some spare monies, go buy okami now! especially if you enjoy zelda-type games