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  1. Wow, 30 years after playing the game I've never seen maps like these for Neutopia before. 10 year old me could've really used these. What is up with that drawing at the beginning of the article though? That is horrendous. Really nice work here guys.
  2. I believe issues 1 through 3 on out of print and elsewhere I scanned while Philly edited if I remember correctly. We're talking 12 years ago now if I remember correctly. I probably still have the raw scans somewhere on one of my old backups.
  3. Hello. You should fill out your profile.

  4. Yeh, its a beaut of an issue. Really big too, 258 pages to be exact. But it was only published last year so it couldn't be uploaded here. Just buy the magazine, trust me its a worthwhile read. Linky:
  5. Is it a smaller size mag with a mostly brown cover that has Crash Bandicoot and Lara Croft on the cover?
  6. I can't get enough of these UK gaming mags. I just discovered one called 360 Gamer at a different Barnes & Noble than I usually go to. Its published by a group called Uncooked Media. Its a pretty sweet 360 mag but yeh, it was about $10 bucks. What the hell is wrong with these US mags? All these mags in the UK give you free crap every month including books and DVDs and whatnot yet here in the US, they can't publish a 90 page rag with 70 pages of ADs and make a profit? Something is seriously wrong....
  7. Sounds like Phillyman went to Best Buy this week. My local Best Buy was sold out of all those $10 dollar games. If someone here has a 360 and doesn't pick up Ninja Gaiden 2 for $10, you need to run face first into a wall.
  8. This would have been pretty depressing a few years ago but the mag just took a total turn for the worse over the past year. Its still sad in a way though because I've been a subscriber since issue 45 or something and I can remember picking up issue 35 on the newstands only because I saw the Ninja Turtles on the cover LOL. Well, all I can say is thank goodness for real mags like Edge, Games TM, and Retrogamer. BTW what ever happened to Ed Semrad?
  9. Be a patient gamer. If your like me, its not an absolute necessity to have all the latest games the day the come out. Mainly because you probably don't have the time anyways. It seems like Amazon will always have new games for half retail a couple weeks after they are released.
  10. Ah, your just looking to republish magazines? Well that will kinda kill the value of my collection LOL I thought you were looking to make a new magazine. Maybe you could reprint specific articles from various previous magazines instead of whole magazines themselves? That whole retro section thing I was talking about. You could reprint an article on a game then write a new article about that game to go along with the reprint.
  11. I would be willing to pay about $15 a month for a high quality magazine covering both current and retro. The mag would have to be along the lines of strategy guide material quality with the heavy stock cover, glossy pages, and no blur photos. I think you would also have to try to have an outreach on the net and try to build a large subscriber base. I wouldn't even waste my time with the newstands anymore except for maybe Barnes & Noble and Borders but thats all. Grocery stores and 7-11's are just covered with those waste of paper Maxim and Cosmopolitan type mags.
  12. The mags in the US today are failing because they are all CRAP!!! Game Informer is nice becuz it has pictures and seems to always get exclusives on upcoming games every month (Uncharted 2 this month) so that is nice. Play, I don't even know what to think of that mag anymore after some of the reviews I have read in it. I don't think a bad game exists to those guys. Gamepro and EGM, I really don't even need to say anything. If people would gets off their computers and realize that reading a well written, well layed out, well researched, well put together and so on mag can be quite an enjoyable experience, I think a mag could do very well here in the states. If GameFan was to be resurrected, I would shoot for a target like GamesTM. That mag has got it all every month.
  13. JoNJoN

    My Mags

    I would love to see those old Software Etc. and Electronics Boutique catalogs...
  14. Really? I didn't know that. Learn something everyday...
  15. I absolutely adore this game. Just might be my favorite game ever. I played this game for hours during the summer of 90,91, or 92 whenever it was that it came out. Along with Contra 3, that was one of my favorite childhood summers.