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  1. Best Retro Console?

    I voted Genesis, for purely personal reasons. Objectively, I can look at the SNES and see that it has many great games. But subjectively, it just doesn't *feel* right, somehow. If I had to pick one area where the SNES just doesn't cut it for me, it would be music. Again, I know the SNES had some of the great composers (Nobuo Uematsu, Koji Kondo, Yasunori Mitsuda) but the Genesis had these little flashes of brilliance. Yuzo Koshiro's thundering Streets of Rage soundtracks, for example, or Masato Nakamura's work on Sonic 2 (especially that Final Boss theme... is that *dissonance*, Masato Nakamura? Are you flirting with dissonance? You naughty videogame composer you.) Of course, none of this stands up to any kind of logical argument. It's just that many of my happiest childhood memories are linked with hours spent playing my Megadrive. On the issue of the Dreamcast, I'm never entirely sure how I feel about it. Commercially it was a flop, and it had a lot of terrible games, but it has a certain draw to it. It seems to have followed the path of the Saturn, in that many of its best games are 2D, and the 3D games often display a kind of awkwardness (or in some cases are just plain bad - *cough*Sonic Adventure*cough*). It also displays a remarkable tenacity - commercial games are still being released for it, and the homebrew scene is still pretty lively.
  2. New Members Introduce Yourselves

    Ahoy! 18 years old, Scottish lad, GSOH. Interested in the preservation and enjoyment of older games and all things related. WLTM other nerd(s) for scanning/editing, etc. and maybe more... Anyway, seriously, being such a youngster my primary gaming memories come from the 16-bit era, rather than the 8-bit. I'm also more of a Sega fan than a Nintendo one. Growing up, I was completely obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog - I had all the games (even Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine), a large number of the "Sonic the Comic" magazines and a fair few of the cartoons on video. I might even have had a couple of the adventure gamebooks. Unfortunately, as I "grew up" I lost interest in gaming altogether, thereby completely missing out on everything between the Megadrive and the current era of consoles, so I remain perpetually intrigued about that whole era. Moved about the country a few times, and somewhere along the way I lost most of my gaming stuff (all the mags, videos, etc). I guess my main interest with regards to scanning would be to see the Sonic the Comic series preserved (if I remember correctly, something in the region of 200 of them were produced). However, as many of the issues came with a pullout poster, it's hard to find complete issues any more. So.. yeah. That's me.