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  1. I've posted this on another section, but this looks to be more applicable to my question. I have an early issue of Video Games and Computer Entertainment from August 1989. The cover sucks, but the rest is really nice. Is this something you might need?
  2. I have this magazine from AuguAst 1989, and aside from the obvious square missing in the corner(what was I THINKING?!!) the rest of it's pretty good. I did a few initial scans to give you an idea of what's in there. Additionally, I wouldn't mind contributing to the scanning project, but I can't find the section which details which projects need to be undertaken, and the requirement and tips on doing so( stapled vs. bound mags, etc..) Thanks again for an awesome site!
  3. Hi, I'm Charles and I'm a 32 year veteran of the video game wars(yes I played Pong in the womb). I Stumbled Upon this site and cannot believe what an inspired idea it was to collect such important nostalgia for the Video Game Age. I was hooked on gaming mags after my first issue of the Nintendo Fun Club, and like so many others, I chucked them all at a certain point. I look forward to contributing to the worthy cause of Video Game History Preservation!
  4. Thanks for the tips, I was having some trouble using the progam effectively. It really is much better than any of the general purpose programs for viewing jpg's; much sharper and clearer.
  5. Hey Philly, I just posted a review on StumbleUpon with my Bluecamelguy name. Not sure if you need the link, but I'll grab it if you need it. Thanx!