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  1. Retromags Roadmap for 2016

    Will do, though it'll be after the holidays before I have it ready.
  2. Retromags Roadmap for 2016

    When you do this, please make sure you create and post 20% par2 (parity) files, either per issue (requires fewer parity files) or publication (requires more parity files). When I tried to download the current set on usenet at the beginning of the year, approximately 1/3 of the files were either missing parts or came through damaged. If at least 20% parity files had been posted, I might have been able to complete everything. I can also help with posting to Usenet and/or creating par2 files. You can count me in for this. I usually have at least one computer running 24/7 (unless I'm on vacation), so keeping one or more torrents going isn't a problem. Two more download options to consider are ED2K and DC hubs. I'm not sure how popular these two methods are anymore as it's been a couple of years since I've actively used them, though I still use the programs every now and then.
  3. This looks pretty sweet, too bad it didn't become official.
  4. Problem with CDisplayEx

    Under normal circumstances, double page will only go forward one page at a time. This means that pages that usually appear on the right will move to the left when you advance to the next page. Advancing another page will show the left page on the left. If the pages are constantly showing in reverse order make sure "Japanese mode" under Options/Double Page is turned off. If that doesn't work, try uninstalling and reinstalling CDisplayEX.
  5. Ion Book Scanner
  6. A Funny Chart On Why Movie Piracy Is Less Abnoxious

    On most dvds, you can press the menu button to skip the idiotic ads. There are some that lock the controls until after the ads.
  7. I'm interested. If you want to send this (and any others) to me, I'll try and scan it (or them). I don't know if I'm more skilled, but I do have some time on my hands right now.
  8. How To Massage A Pussy

    Nice one Hidinger. Only problem is, it should start with "Man", not "Many".
  9. Favorite Old Nickelodeon Shows

    Adventures of the Little Koala The Adventures of The Little Prince Alvin and the Chipmunks Belle and Sebastian Danger Mouse Garfield and Friends Inspector Gadget Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors Jim Henson's Muppet Babies The Mysterious Cities of Gold Noozles Underdog Voltron The World of David the Gnome
  10. Handcuffed In A Police Car?

    You'd think I would've known better after the first ride, but nope, I went and did the same stupid thing again, and got a second ride.
  11. You Cant Do That On Television

    I only got to watch it if my homework was done and my mom wasn't watching anything.
  12. This is definitely getting added to my Christmas wish list.
  13. Movie Purchases!

    So far all of the Hayao Miyazaki films that I've seen have been outstanding. If you liked Nausicaä, then you'll probably like Spirited Away. Here's a list of all current Miyazaki films: Howl's Moving Castle Kiki's Delivery Service Laputa: Castle in the Sky My Neighbor Totoro Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind On Your Mark (music video short story) Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea Porco Rosso Princess Mononoke Spirited Away The only two I haven't seen yet are Ponya and Porco Rosso. My recent purchases (from the Circuit City close-out, local FYE closure sales) include: The Astronaut Farmer (need to watch) Stardust (need to watch) Flags of Our Fathers Letters from Iwo Jima Indiana Jones Quadrology (need to watch Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) Steamboy Ghost in the Shell: Innocence Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society Tenchi in Tokyo Complete Series Slimpak
  14. Just Some More Bad Gaming News

    The link for the LucasArts article leads to the KB toys article.
  15. Looking For A Program Please Help

    Have you tried Google SketchUp? I've been told that it works fairly well, though I've yet to try it myself. There's a free and a pro version. A couple of alternatives are EasyCAD (what I currently use) and FastCAD. A 30 day demo can be found at