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  1. I remember being so excited for this game then the reviews came out
  2. Thank you!! Love the updated scans and all of the EGM2 you have released recently. Sendai Publications was my favorite back in the day.
  3. In the US Toys R Us and Electronic Boutique stocked the TG-16. It was released in the US right around the same time as the Genesis. I remember being in Toys R Us deciding which one i should buy. I ended up with a Genesis but bought a TG16 used later on.
  4. I just started Links Awakening Switch never got around to playing the gameboy or gbc version. Pretty fun so far but i need to send my joycons in to nintendo the drift is really bad.
  5. Last console i bought was the switch. This is the first gen that i did not buy a playstation and xbox.
  6. I use emu-loader but this is probably the easiest to use MAME Arcade this one has a built in frontend
  7. i Will probably grab one but most likely import the Japanese version. I always hated the US redesign of the PC Engine.
  8. Very cool. Thanks for posting these covers!
  9. Thanks, getting closer and closer to the first 100 issues of EGM
  10. Wow, you read my mind i just finished voting for the missing EGM's than read this thread. Thanks for the voting system
  11. Mine are 1. Space Invaders 2. Demon Attack 3. Raiders of the Lost Ark (i know not a great game but i spent many an hour playing this one) 4. Decathalon (broke alot of joysticks playing this with friends) 5. Kaboom