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  1. Yes, I was in contact with on a regular basis, had many irons in the fire with him actually (now they won't come to fruition). He is going to be seriously missed. Hell, I cried when I found out about his passing. He was like a friend, and treated me like one from day one. I tear up a little bit every time I see his "Confessions of The Game Doctor" book that I won in a contest hosted by the gaming store he was co-owner of. Anyone have any fond memories of Bill that they would like to share? Maybe a favorite Game Doctor reply/question or article he wrote (he wrote for over 30 years, surely there are fans of something he wrote out there). For me, it is his book, Confessions of the Game Doctor. It really didn't pull any punches on his life, ups and downs, everything seemed to be written there with extremely very little omitted, maybe a non important persons name or something but nothing major. He started something that has brought all of us here and at Out-of-Print and all of the gaming sites out there, together in one way or another because without Bill, there would probably not have been gaming magazines, gaming blogs and certainly no Retromags or Out-of-Print to archive those gaming mags.
  2. It was my mom and a clerk at the store that got confused. Having heard her version of the story a few times over the years, apparently this was the only NES title they had that had any "guy" on the cover with red lettering so she thought that was it.
  3. I remember wanting this title pretty bad when I was younger. I asked my mom for it and she agreed to get it for me and have it for me after school. I told her what the box looked like and everything. I remember how grueling that day of school was, waiting for time to go home and being able to play Astyanax. It was not meant to be. My mother bought me Robo Warrior, by Jaleco also, instead. If you look at the box art of both, they are quite similar (red lettering for the title and a guy on the cover-though RW was cyborg). She apparently told the clerk at Payless (in Northern California, PL is a general store like K-Mart, not just shoes) that I wanted some game that had red lettering for the title and had a guy on the cover. Robo Warrior is what the clerk handed her, and that is what she bought. After getting over being annoyed and quite sad, I actually played RW (this took all of about 4 minutes longer than the car ride home for my pre-teen mind to work out). Little did I know that years later, I would still be playing it and enjoying that repetitious, annoying (and FIRST survival horror NES title) game that was the twice removed 4th cousin of the Bomberman series (look it up). I never got Astyanax. After getting RW, I forgot about it. Anyone play Astyanax and enjoy it?
  4. Wow, I wasn't aware that what I wrote was considered a "dramatic novelette" but, um, well, OK. Whatever. I was not saying you were being touchy with me in your reply, please re-read that before continuing down this avenue of accusation as it is how arguments get started, over nothing but a misunderstanding. I was saying, that my response probably came off as touchy, which it was not meant to be, that is why I put in there that I was stating the FACTS. Again, I apologize for bothering you with an offer of help in achieving your goal of getting the magazines scanned. I wasn't aware that you were going to come back like this in your replies. I never said they would not be returned but that is a mute point. There are plenty of magazines that are here because I scanned AND returned them to many members, many of which that have left the scene for one reason or another over the years so those magazines would have NEVER been available anyhow. I am not asking for a pat on the back, just stating the facts again. I wasn't aware of any "divorced parents" activity/vibe on either forum. Yes, there was plenty of discourse between Out-of-Print and Retromags both when meppi and me left and then again a little more recently (again, over a complete misunderstanding that as far as I know, has been rectified except for people that pick at the sores that were left behind). As far as people getting the "wrong idea" about your "offers" in the future, you might want to clarify things a little more and not put things like "trade bait" in your posts if you are not intending to get rid of them (which again, I never said I wanted to "keep" them and not return them, you assumed that). Anyhow, I have some stuff to get done, and I am sure you are hitting that refresh button like most people hit the DDR pads in arcades hoping for a reply.
  5. Hopefully the moves came out well for you and things are getting back in some kind of order for you. My apologies, I will take my name out of the hat for getting these scanned. I was just offering due to the comment about them being "trade bait" and in the past members here have been quick to throw out magazines due to no interest from anyone to take them, my offer was just to save these from being possibly trashed, if they ever were in danger of that. About my scanning time frame, yes, I have a horrible backlog, I am not saying I don't (boy I have been drug through the mud over it again and again). Scanning and editing mags takes time, doing it right takes even longer depending on the condition of the original material. That is a fact and when you factor in outside enfluences (work, need for money, sleep, etc) it takes a toll on things such as scanning magazines. I am not trying to defend myself or whine about things, just stating the simple facts there. If this stuff didn't take so much work, we would have plenty of people willing to help out. Onto the touchy part of your response (I know, everyone is thinking that the previous part was touchy, it wasn't really, just stating the truth there). EGM and VG&CE issues on OoPA. All I can really say is, no comment at this moment. We have stuff in the works right now to work with more publishers but I am not at liberty to state which ones right now (and if anyone is STILL guessing, just forget it, I can't be anymore obvious). Thanks for your response though, I won't bother anyone else around here offering their mags up for scanning or whatever.
  6. For $7.50, I would actually venture the brave wild world of a movie theater and check out something like Resident Evil Afterlife in 3D.
  7. I think $8 is about as much as I am willing to spend on seeing a movie in theaters, $12+ for the 3D version, I just don't see the allure of it (even discounting the crowds situation). Thor, I believe that even though you are becoming a minister that your life doesn't end, if you enjoy those types of movies then go see it. If someone from your congregation sees you there, just tell them you are researching for a future sermon (which you could easily be doing, the best sermons come from the heart, our actions and deeds forge our hearts). Seriously, just because you are putting yourself in service of the Lord doesn't mean you can't enjoy life too.
  8. After many events in my life, I have become quite the person to avoid crowds (don't like going to Wal-Mart for instance unless it is near 1 am-less people). Besides, at home, if I decide to rewind the movie because of a cool scene, I can, I don't have to contend with others ruining the movie by heckling or making comments and if I want to make a run to the bathroom, I can pause it. Not so in the theaters. Also, the crowds thing.
  9. I don't think the national rollout is till tomorrow night. I am sure that there are probably some theaters showing it early though. I want to see it but I will wait till it is at Redbox and get it for a buck a night, minus the 3D but oh well, I have lived 34 years without it, I think I can survive a little longer.
  10. I wouldn't mind grabbing those VG&CE and EGM's if no one else wants them. This is strictly if no one else here places dibs on them, I am just wanting to make TheRedEye aware that there is someone wanting them since I am co-owner of another magazine preservation site, don't want to step on anyone's toes.
  11. Not sure if anyone else saw this from yesterday's Yahoo news (just saw it myself tonight as I was checking my e-mail). Brian Wood died a valiant death, protecting his wife and unborn child in a car crash. Mr. Wood was working at Relic Entertainment where he was working on Company of Heroes Online. http://videogames.yahoo.com/events/plugged-in/gamers-lend-support-to-widow-of-heroic-developer/1410899 It truly is a sad moment when someone passes away, it is a heroic moment when that person makes their last act an act such as what Mr. Wood chose to do. Mr. Wood, rest in peace, you will be missed, by those that knew you and also, in no small manner, by those that didn't know you.
  12. There are various improvement engines and graphics packs for the original Duke Nukem 3D games, similar to how there are various improvements to the Doom games (one even adds in polygon based enemies). Not sure of the legality of these engines and such but they are available with a simple Google search.
  13. Count me in the camp with Kiwi. I personally don't want them to publish it, I mean, seriously, there is no way it will live up to the decade+ amount of hype and will be considered a failure. Let it linger in vaporware land where the legend keeps it cool.
  14. If this does get going, look into the "gift" option on Paypal. Lower fees, if any.
  15. So, if it were true, that Sega was releasing a new console/handheld, would anyone be there to buy it? Have they done too much damage to the image of say, Sonic, to really use him as an exclusive mascot for games to push a new system or is there still magic left in his sneakers? You never know what is truly coming...
  16. Just found out from Areala's brother that she is currently without a computer. Her computer went down, unknown reason, and is currently be checked out by a qualified technician. If repair of this system is not possible, and Areala has to purchase a new(er) computer then she may be away for awhile. Please show any support here, she will see it when she is able to return to Retromags.
  17. Redstar, I completely missed your thread (just went and looked for it thinking it was one I replied to but that was another member). As mentioned in the other thread though, I am staying back (I am co-owner of another magazine preservation site, Out-of-Print Archive) and will let members of Retromags speak up first for taking anything. If you have any of your mags left I would definitely be interested in talking with you about getting certain issues (not all are of interest to me). I do apologize for missing your thread though.
  18. I will wait to let others here post interest before staking claim on the ones I would like to get. Please, do not throw them out though if no one steps up. There are several I would like. Thanks
  19. What do you have in the 1991 and 1992 range of EGM?
  20. The user rating doesn't really bother me. If it is 100%, even if under 5 or 10 total, then I will treat that seller the same as I would if they had 1200 or so feedback at 100%. With the various protections in place like Paypal and my credit card company, it is unlikely I will get messed over on a purchase (may take some time to get the money back but that is, what, about a month or so).
  21. Just a heads up about what E-day is mentioning, about the lowball prices on BIN's. Anyone check out Gamefan on Ebay? There are BIN's for nearly every issue (vol 1 issue 5 being the earliest I have seen so far) where someone could pick up nearly the whole run for less than a grand. I remember when if you had the first 6 issues you could command a grand easily. My how the prices on this magazine have fallen (you can get more for the newer issues of EGM than you can for Gamefan issues prior to #12).
  22. Ebay bought Paypal solely for the ability to control more of the transactions (i.e., they can keep more money). It does hurt to know that when I sell something on Ebay that I am paying almost as much to them as I do in my weekly salary taxes to the government (I pay about 28%).
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