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  1. Suikoden 3. I like the characters. I like the story. I like the concept. I played this before the previous two, so this is the one that introduced me to the series.
  2. Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VI Chrono Trigger Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Smash Bros Brawl Elite Beat Agents Tales of Symphonia Tekken 5 Soul Calibur 3
  3. One that you all may not (or may) know that is dear to the hearts of my family, especially my mom and middle sister, is a game for the NES called Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle. It was as hard as hell but we loved it anyway.
  4. Final Fantasy III/VI. Never before had I been so captivated by a video game. Just thinking about it makes me nostalgic for 1994.
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