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  1. StarCraft by far has to be my favorite game. I played it every day for nearly 6 years since release.
  2. Count me in for $15 after payday this Friday the 22nd, hopefully no one hits that buy it now button from now till then.
  3. Thanks meppi I stand corrected, it was Super Tours not Power Tours. Anyway I downloaded issue 49 and it was definitely after that. The next available issue was 56 and they were already advertising the 2nd Super Tour.
  4. Hey all, first off I'm glad I found this site. I've been trying to settle a bet for some time now that I was in an issue of EGM Anyway, I've been trying to find an issue of EGM, but I'm unsure of what issue it was exactly. A couple of hints...I won a Turbo Duo (release 10/02) at EGM's first Power Tour, we played Bomberman '93 (released in 93), I THINK the issue had a bifold cover and I THINK it was a MK cover. Anyway around 3/4ths of the way through the mag was an advertisement for the Power Tour (Primarily Yellow two page ad IIRC) and in it was a little asian kid wearing a white Bomberman hat holding up a Turbo Duo. Does anyone have or know what issue this was? If not does anyone have any issues that advertised the first Power Tour so I could at least narrow down the Year/Season?