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  1. Can someone invite me to Gay-Porn? I really want one, I am sorry if I am asking in the wrong place, but I have heard before some mags(comics too) are there and it would be really cool if I can get them.
  2. Yeah they got a different server, a new passed down order and the speeds are back...want a invite or what?
  3. This sounds do you want us to make a torrent of a scan...and what else?
  4. To kick "members" out? lol. I don't think every 1 month this should happen but whatever I am nobody.
  5. Huh I've never seen January 1995...But this is good news...
  6. Your Mii is no match for mine!

  7. Street Fighter 4,(yay) Fable 2, Gears of War 2, Soul Calibur 4...uh is there anything else?
  8. 3.09$! Damn what happened to the old 87 cents per gallon!
  9. The Official Xbox Magazine That was about it, man I don't have a single mag left!
  10. I second that! I don't know wtf I was thinking with my old monitor!(LCD's rule)
  11. It was the mags art of Street Fighter back then, I never saw them constipated but rather weird looking same thing no?
  12. Are you the guild's Kung Fu Man? Welcome.
  13. Anything non fighter that The Sega Saturn Remote and Joystick was perfect for fighting games, I miss my Saturn!
  14. I used to watch most nbc crap like office but it's kinda boring, I haven't seen 1 episode of Heroes but whatever. Currently watching nothing, cause basic cable sucks(cries).