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  1. I'm getting an error with this one.... Not Found The requested URL /updates/Retromags 2019 Update Torrent 2/Nintendo Power Issue 245 September 2009.cbz was not found on this server.
  2. Great job with the post. Living in NY, I was very lucky to have owned a NES (non) Deluxe Set back in 1985. My parents bought one for us as a "Back to school" / and more specifically, as a birthday gift for me. As soon as Super Mario Bros. came out here (Feb 1986), I added it with the rest of my boxes and snapped this picture. If you look closely you can see the NES (non) Deluxe Set box, as well as my R.O.B., who I've designated to hold my Duracel flashlight by this time. And here is my original NES gaming setup. I was also a card carrying member of the Nintendo Fun Club... Too much fun! I used to call all of the video game companies I could locate the phone numbers for, back in the mid-80's, and request any type of advertising they could send me. I loved collecting it, and still do! I received a lot of neat pamphlets.
  3. Yeah, It's definitely dead despite what they say. I also had a rep tell me I missed a "Spring 2016" issue because my subscription expired. She also said she was going to get that "right out to me". That was in 2016 and I still haven't received a thing. So this appears to be the official stats as of now. 1st run ~ Issue #000 (February 1989) -to- Issue #236 (January 2009) <-#237 was digital only 2nd run ~ Issue #238 (March 2010) -to- Issue #267 (Special Issue #5 September 2015) Officially dead Collection 100% complete (269 issues) 1st issue #000 (Feb 1989) Issue #001 (May 1989) FINAL ISSUE #236 (Jan 2009) 2nd Launch/1st issue #238 Spring 2010 / Final Issue (2nd Launch) #267 (09/2015)
  4. What's kind of shady IMO is that their Wal-Mart mag,Game Center, continues to be produced while they seemingly quietly killed off EGM. At the VERY LEAST they should send extra copies of this to those who still have an active paid subscription and are owed issues. Though it's a free mag, and basically advertising for Wal-Mart, its at least something. I guess they figure their aren't enough subscribers left to make any legal trouble for them so they decided to just blow them off.
  5. When was the last time you saw an issue of EGM at a bookstore?
  6. A Spring 2016 issue of EGM... Does this actually exist? Or anything past the EGM Fall 2015 Issue AKA The 2016 Buyer's Guide AKA Special Issue #5 AKA Issue #266, from September 2015? The one that shows "Display until 01/15/2016" on the cover. This ^ I had called the subscription help line on the inside of the issue just to ask if EGM has officially been shut down. I told her the last issue I received was the September 2015 issue and she told me it's still going and their last issue was the Spring 2016 issue. According to her it was released in April 2016 and I didn't receive it because my subscription was expired. That doesn't make any sense because when I subscribed to EGM it was supposed to be monthly, then bi-monthly, then quarterly. I don't think I ever received more than maybe 8 issues tops. Though it gets confusing even more so because some issues I had to call and request them mail it out again because I never received them. The whole thing is a cluster#*@! I'm going to just assume their sub help line people have no clue about what's really going on just as Future US had no idea Nintendo Power was about to shut down. When I had called for a refund they actually tried to get me to renew my subscription. Yeah, so more of that I'm guessing.
  7. Retro has been on shaky ground ever since all of the Retro VGS and Coleco Chameleon BS. Supposedly he has a new publisher. He posted this: We'll see though. The only magazine I get now is also the best IMO... Retro Gamer Magazine and it's still going strong. http://www.videogameobsession.com/videogame/mags/RetroGamerMagazine
  8. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything. My contact at EGM hasn't returned an email since July 1st So I'm guessing that's it for EGM... again. and my original topic from 2012 might finally have it's answer. His email isn't bouncing back though.
  9. Since you didn't ask I won't answer... Nintendo used to run an offer where you could get a free Official Nintendo Power Strategy Guide when you purchased a 1 year subscription. 1 Yr subs were $19.95 and the guides were selling for $16.95. What many people didn't realize is that you could call them and request just about any guide which wasn't shown on the offer, which was usually only showed a choice of 3. One of them being the Zelda Twilight Princess Guide + OST which counted as just a guide. At the time those were selling on eBay for anywhere between $20 and $50 each. So I would buy the subscription, sell the guide, repeat. When they ran out of those I moved onto Zelda Minish Cap which sold for around the same. I also grabbed some guides for my own collection. In 2007 my expiration date was October 2016. One of the Nintendo reps said I was their longest NP subscriber being subbed from November 1988 until October 1st 2016. Nintendo Power Subscription History (Past, present, and future NP subscriptions) November 1988 (v.002) - September 1989 (v.007) November 1989 (v.008) - August 1990 (v.015) This subscription came with a FREE gift of a SILVER WING PIN which was shipped on October 20, 1989. January 1991 (v.020) - December 1991 (v.031) This subscription came with a FREE gift of a DRAGON WARRIOR GAME PAK which was shipped on November 29, 1990. January 1992 (v.032) - December 1992 (v.043) This subscription came with a FREE gift of a BOOKS which was shipped on September 5, 1991. January 1993 (v.044) - December 1993 (v.055) December 1993 (v.055) - December 1994 (v.067) January 1995 (v.068) - December 1995 (v.079) This subscription came with a FREE gift of a DONKEY KONG COUNTRY PLAYERS GUIDE which was shipped on November 17, 1994. January 1996 (v.080) - December 1997 (v.103) This subscription came with a FREE gift of a N64 PREVIEW VIDEO which was shipped on December 26, 1995. September 2001 (v.148) - September 2004 (v.183) CONKER'S BFD PG which was shipped on August 20, 2001. October 2004 (v.184) - September 2005 (v.195) T-SHIRTS, A.CROSSING/ZELDA:WW which was shipped on April 23, 2003. October 2005 (v.196) - September 2006 (v.207) ZELDA COLLECTORS EDITION DISC which was shipped on November 24, 2003 October 2006 (v.208) - September 2007 (v.219) BUNDLE PAK-ZELDA FOUR SWORDS bundle shipped on June 4, 2004 October 2007 (v.220) - September 2008 (v.231) METROID ZERO MISSION GUIDE which was shipped on December 19, 2006. October 2009 (v.244) - September 2010 (v.255) ZELDA:TP GUIDE & SOUNDTRACK CD which was shipped on April 24, 2007. October 2010 (v.256) - September 2011 (v.267) FINAL FANTASY TACTICS ADV PG which was shipped on May 7, 2007. October 2011 (v.268) - September 2012 (v.279) ZELDA MINISH CAP GUIDE which was shipped on May 14, 2007. October 2012 (v.280) - September 2013 (v.291) ZELDA:TP GUIDE & SOUNDTRACK CD which was shipped on May 23, 2007. October 2013 (v.292) - September 2014 (v.303) ZELDA:TP GUIDE & SOUNDTRACK CD which was shipped on May 23, 2007. October 2014 (v.304) - September 2015 (v.315) This subscription comes with a FREE gift of a Metroid Prime 2: Echoes GUIDE. October 2015 (v.316) - September 2016 (v.328) ZELDA:TP GUIDE & SOUNDTRACK CD which was shipped on June 23, 2007 ***New expire issue: Oct 1, 2016*** Also, this was posted by Future when they announced the cancellation: At least they had some time to assemble a kick ass tribute to their publication. It would be nice for EGM to do something similar.
  10. They sometimes do. Future US issued refunds for remaining Nintendo Power subscription issues, but only if you contacted them within a certain amount of time. My NP had 3 years left on it so I received a decent check. But Future was still very much in business and Nintendo had a reputation to upkeep where as EGM....
  11. OK, I'm beginning to think that might be it for EGM. My contact there has not returned my email from 2 weeks ago and he normally does.
  12. According to the senior editor at EGM they are are still active. Here's what he had to say back in June...
  13. The next issue is being worked on now and is said to be shipping late this month or early June 2016. Well, obviously that didn't happen. It's looking like they are working on some deals to get EGM back on the newsstand (and hopefully in the mail as well). We probably won't see another EGM issue until that's worked out. According to my source at EGM, they are having some difficulty due to the volatility of the magazine market. So it seems like nothing is publishing until this is all dealt with.
  14. No, the last issue they sent out was the "Special Issue 05" AKA #267. The next issue is being worked on now and is said to be shipping late this month or early June 2016.
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