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  1. I'm trying to track down reception for the characters in the Soul Blade/Soulcalibur games to use on wikipedia to build character articles with to satisfy their notability guidelines. What I mean by that are things like impressions for the characters in reviews, top # lists and so forth that discuss what a reviewer or editor in a magazine felt about the character. So far from the website I've managed to get MAXIMUM #4 which helped quite a bit for Li Long's article. If anyone can offer any scans or excerpts of anything else to cite it'd help.
  2. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p...;postcount=8624 Guy giving away quite a bit of player's guides and video game magazines, get them while they're hot.
  3. Yep, I checked all the issues you guys have that were in that time frame covering Game Boy games, looks like if they did cover them the issues aren't there. :\ Thank you though.
  4. I'm trying to finish up the Final Fantasy Legend article on Wikipedia and need some help. Basically...there's a shortage of reviews in actual magazines. Most of I know of that I'm missing is the text for Famitsu's 1989 review that gave it 35/40, and beyond that I don't know of any others that covered it, even EGM is up in the air. Basically if anyone's interested in helping, here's when the game was released to give a window of when the reviews would have been done. I really don't need a scan of the article or anything, just information to work with for a citation and the gist of what was said. JP: December 1989 NA: September 30, 1990 Thanks to anyone that can help. :\
  5. To offer up something, they do claim rather extreme copyrights on their characters and all related screenshots/artwork now. Awhile back I asked them what their take was on the pirate FFVII NES game and got handed a C&D as if the game was my work. o_O
  6. Lack a scanner and the funds to send magazines in bulk to someone with one. However once I get some things settled that last bit shouldn't be a problem. I've got old issues of Computer Gaming World just gathering dust around here anyway.
  7. The info I want within reach O.O' Now all I need is sales charts after this...hm
  8. I'm Ash McGowen, from upstate New York. College student at NCCC in Malone, but run around online in various communities, notably Mugen these days, though I did romhacking in the past. Pretty much started with an old TRS-80 Model III when I was young and programmed away from there.
  9. I can bring it up on the video game project's talk page, probably the best in the end but might get some guys with issues you're missing to drop by and offer. As for what I need, guess I'll just wait and see with this topic. Someone's bound to have it anyway.
  10. Eh would if I had the cash, and really only need it for those two reviews not the whole mag. If I wanted the whole thing, wouldn't I have just gone for it right off and not posted here anyway? o_O
  11. Just Monk lately. Everything else I used to watch has died off by now.
  12. Tips & Tricks was my first, though the mag changed over the years and I ended up canceling. Only since then got one to Game Informer thanks to my edge card at EB Games, though given how they are lately this will probably be my second go around.
  13. I know it's rather uncouth to ask for help on one's very first post, but needing some help tracking down two reviews for their text for some work on wikipedia I'm doing. EGM Issue 3 back in 1989 reviewed Alleyway and Super Mario Land. The issue itself is easy to recognize, it's the "Fabio cover" for IronSword. Basically just need a scan of the reviews, or at the very least a transcription so I can read them and cite as needed. Other than that, have you guys considered promoting yourselves a little bit in the Wikipedia talk page? It'd give you some support possibly and there's never really a shortage of old magazine references needed for articles over there. Thanks for your time.
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