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  1. You rock sir! Thanks much! Too bad I don't have an old hard copy of that site, and never picked it up. It was on the bottom of page 14. Now to find me a hard copy, if any of you have two and are willing to sell one let me know!
  2. Thanks, great to know! At least I know what issue it's in when searching on eBay for the issue.
  3. I found what issue it is in, it's in Issue 82. It is mentioned on the cover of the issue in the lower right. It was attached to the issue in the center binding I believe.
  4. When Killer Instinct 2 just hit the arcades, EGM (or EGM2?) put a KI2 insert into one of their issues. It was a half-sized hand booklet of all the game's moves, etc. My website at the time provided them their information, and we were credited in the crease on one of the pages (middle if I remember right?). Well due to my mom tossing all my old magazines after I moved out to college, I lost that issue and others that I was credited for in. Anyone remember what issue that was, or know if it was scanned yet? I'm looking to at least get a scan, and if not the physical item again. This is one of many game magazines I'm looking for that I was credited in, but probably will be the hardest since it was an extra in the magazine. PS: Thanks for this great site, I gladly tossed you guys $5 and if I come across any old issues in my hunt I'll toss them your way! Patrick McCarron