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  1. I just got off the phone with NP, they will issue refund checks after the December issue. Unfortunately, they can't change the subscription to another magazine.
  2. There hasn't been an EGMi issue lately either. I wouldn't mind if the print edition went away if EGMi were still coming weekly.
  3. Come on, at least make it to 300! Seriously though, I still remember getting Dragon Warrior with my subscription. Best. Incentive. Ever! I hope RM unlocks allowed scanning all the way to the end, or even up to 2007 to start, with another years unlocked every year. I'd be happy to donate some issues to the cause.
  4. With the changeover of publishers, Nintendo is discontinuing its line of Player's Guides. That means when the current stock is out, they are gone, gone, gone! To preserve the library, we need to see who has what. Please list in this topic what NPGs you have. You can find a list of the guides here that seems to be complete. Don't put down a name in your reply if it's not on the list. This topic is just for Nintendo's own guides, not Prima or Brady. To not run afoul of Ninty's rights, we can hold the scans until a guide is out of stock. I'll do my list as soon as I can find them. Fire away!
  5. Are we to assume that the April-03 forward issues won't see RM.C release? Being in electronic format counts as in-print, so probably is on the black side of the fair use gray area. Of course the latest allowed under the 5-year rule is Nov-02, anyway. Any thoughts from the Retromags bosses on this issue?
  6. I have the NES Atlas & Super Metroid (I think). As soon as I can get a decent scanner, I'll do it.