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  1. Ahahahaha... I don't think i'm a very big retro nerd, in which game you want to play hehehe? Anyway Thanks ;-).
  2. I'm back to be active, it's been a while i haven't been there, maybe due of the lost of the arcade session it won't keep me for competition while i haven't thing to do.
  3. Goodbye Arcade/Attack (sadd)

  4. There's a Short introduction about this game. A Good old times game, it was one of my favorite when i were more younger and we rent this games for Week-ends :-). (Now i have the Game). The first thing i see it's the free-mode, that's the mode i like most ! . You drive in the cities, stealing cars, runaway the cops,... But sure, the missions are the main mode, But some are hard enough to get angry. There's something that you'll get ANYWAY... be chassed by cops !!! The Script is soo rude that if you pass the speed limit just a little more... You got chassed... Red Light passed? Chassed !... It's quite bad when you need to keep away the cops (That's also normal that it's soo rude because you'll drive mostly (no guns) soo definitely cops need to be more rude for equilibrate the level). The maps are quite big too :-). On the start you get only Chicago and La Havane but 2 other cities are available after that . And in the end, somes of the challenges are just... impossible (Check Out the Video). Good Points : Good Maps. Free Mode. Graphics. Bad Points : Police is very rude. Some Challenges impossible for a normal player. My Rate : 8.5/10 Video Link : http://fr.justin.tv/clip/9b7a8a0079ad3b7e
  5. POLO9999


    Hello, Some Reviews to Come : - Gran Turismo (PSX) - DRIVER 2 (PSX) - Tetris Tengen (NES) ...
  6. Hello everybody... i visit the website and i look in bottom that's it's Phillyman's 30's Birthday. Soo only 2 things to say... Happy Birthday Phillyman and Thanks for all
  7. The Warriors (PS2) Scarface : The World is Yours (PS2) To come : Saints Row 2 (X360 or PS3... when i see it in a reasonable price). The Godfather 2 (PS3)
  8. On my cable provider... they have not enough big dishes... somes channels get pixelized on Analogue and/or get dark (hopefuly it's not the mains ones... they use Cable Network ).
  9. Ah? Is the CD-I Play movies ? VCD? SVCD?
  10. Hello, i think you once played on one of GTA Games? if not... at one of all the games based on GTA... Somes names : GTA (Alright) - Driver Series - Saints Row - Mafia - The Godfather, The Game - The Getaway - ... All theses games is known for : 1 - To visit the map without be on a mission, liberty of walking or driving. 2 - To be against cops... Chases, Attack or Kill them ! 3 - The Violence 4 - Do things that we can't do normaly ... There's only somes games that they delete the violence like The Simpsons - Hit and Run. I own somes of them... mainly all the known ones... (will have 2/3 new soon :-)).
  11. Soo i think here everybody know the CD-I... The philips video game console. There were not a lot very good games but there are somes very awful games and some weirdness.... like LINK : The faces of evil or Zelda : Wands of Gamelon and Hotel Mario... yes... Nintendo were on dr*gs in this time . I think some reviews from AVGN and GLRC can be best than words : AVGN : http://www.gametrailers.com/player/42566.html P1 http://www.gametrailers.com/player/43089.html P2 http://www.gametrailers.com/player/43521.html P3 GLRC : (Only Link : Faces of Evil)No comments... and then... some YouTube Users like to do lots of parody of them called "YTP" P as Poops... There's still lots of Games in some shops... here i find out 30 games (Mostly Educational, Language Learning) 1€ each game... Would like to buy the CD-I console for laugh
  12. Hello, this is a serious problem i want to get to resolve... not by formating all datas please. Soo i explain : I connect to PSN (or not)... i run a game Such WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2009, PS3 Logo... then... An update is available for this game... blahblahblah... X for accept or O for cancel... i do X... 30MB file... download fast the first % and then... any bit can be received then... minutes goes like 100+ Minutes and then error... Why? it seems that internet want to reconnect when i'm back to OSD (i tried 3 wifi spots...). And for PS3 Updates? it work because i'm already @ OSD but when i'm inside the game... they ask to go back to OSD... hope the new updates for PS3 can resolve this mean problem... but would like to play again online on some games ... Any clues?
  13. Earliest memories is mixed between using a Mac family in 97' playing @ "Les Guignols de L'info, Le jeu" (Parody of News in france) and F17 Pilot Simulation and Sim City 2000 and NES Playing in 97~2000 @ SMB1, Tetris or The Nintendo World Cup (Soccer), Aladdin, Simpsons Game (with Aliens) and SMB2 (i still have all the Cartridges !).
  14. Same here... downloading Music from times and out since 5 years and never got any letters... You're maybe one of the lucky members to be spyed just when you do something bad... (it's like the Women which must pay 2M $ for 27 songs (but she searched it... lies mainly).
  15. I got it once in 2002... 4.5... The walls moving around... very scary! Now it happens a lot in the center of Belgium... 1.7 in average
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