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  1. ...Well... I've got the Snes version, the psx version and the Gba version...So I'll pass this version...Remakes with 3D graphics change the gameplay a lot -_-... I prefer the Snes version...and... my snes is portable: ... Well my snes is like that but its not made of wood xD... Its made with metal n.n
  2. Hi All, I'm Elratauru, I'm 16 years old and I'm from uruguay ^^... I'm a Sega fan, but I like nintendo too ^^... Well, I have a lot of Club nintendo magazines (mexico nintendo official magazine) ... They're in spanish (Spanish is my first lenguage too xD), I can scan them if someone want it ^^... I have a lot of years with them, and I use to collect all them ^^ So... well n_n Later guys ^^