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  1. Documentary video on my magazine collection

    Very cool video. I think there was even a shot that panned past some of the old GamePros I sold you several years ago. I'm really glad there are people that are preserving the magazines because there is no way I could Are the magazines insured? Do you ever worry about fires consuming the entire collection?
  2. Stepping up on my shaving game!

    I wish I had enough facial hair to even grow a beard! I'm 31 and shave about twice a week. I could probably go a week before anyone would say anything. The good news is that there is an inverse relationship between hair growth and facial hair growth so I will probably be buried with a full head of hair. All the guys who could grow fantastic beards and goatees in high school have lost most of their hair while I still look like I'm about 23. However, just for a week or even a month I'd like to be able to rock a beard.
  3. Retromags Collection Moving to Newsgroups

    I'm kinda late to this party, but I thought I would add that if you want to download a magazine from Usenet every once in a while, purchasing a flat GB plan is the way to go. I currently have a 1TB plan which I purchased for $50 and should last me at least a year. I was using $11/month for unlimited but realized I wasn't downloading very much lately. Astraweb currently has a 25GB (~250 magazines) for $10. If you download once or twice a month, that should last you forever http://www.news.astraweb.com/plans.html I will also add that this is the best decision by far for hosting the magazines.
  4. The Final Issue of GamePro

    I've been so busy over the last few with my new baby that I didn't even realize that GamePro never sent me an October 2011 issue. I'm a little bummed about this because it's the last monthly issue, but I'm not sure there is anyone I can complain to. I've read on the web about other people having their subscription cancelled and converted into a PC Gamer subscription. I'm sure glad my subscription was until Jan 2012 and not October 2012.
  5. HP Touchpad & magazine scans

    I actually got pretty lucky and was one of the 10% of OnSale orders that went through and wasn't cancelled. Funny thing is that I had no idea about it until my friend was tweeting about it on the Sunday after the price drop. I thought about it and asked him why get a TouchPad if he already had an Ipad 2. He replied with "Because they are only $100". At that point I immediately went on Amazon.com and placed an order. The first one didn't go through but the 2nd did and I received my TouchPad last week. I've been very happy with it and probably would have paid $200 for it. I also have an order with HP for 2 32GB models for friends that are now on back-order and won't be shipped out (according to HP) for at least 6-8 weeks.
  6. The Final Issue of GamePro

    Since the run is over, what are your thoughts on opening up scanning to include all issues? Also, I have 95% of the issues from 2000 on up, so if you need a large chunk, we might be able to work out something
  7. HP Touchpad & magazine scans

    I downloaded and installed ComicShelf HD and am surprised how good it is. Granted, I didn't have high expectations, but the image quality is really good. This might also be due to the high quality of our scans. I loaded up a GamePro from the mid-90s and I had no problem reading all text, without needing to zoom in. The only downside I see so far is not being able to see 2 pages when rotating the screen into landscape mode. This doesn't both me too much as I like to just focus on a single page at a time when reading. There is a fairly active thread here (http://forums.precentral.net/canuck-coding/287405-comicshelf-hd-now-app-catalog.html) about the development of the app and showing 2 screens was one thing that several users brought up to the developer. My guess is that it'll become a feature sometime this year. All in all, I think $1.99 was a good price for the app.
  8. HP Touchpad & magazine scans

    I have a TouchPad and it's nearly 10 inches diagonally, with 1024x768 screen, so 4x3. I have been reading photography magazines on it this week as a test (in PDF format using the built-in Adobe Reader) and I must say it's pretty good. I am downloading the ComicShelf HD program and will test it with a GamePro CBR in an hour or so.
  9. The Final Issue of GamePro

    I just read about this today and am not surprised either. The magazines are about 80 pages nowadays and the content feels more and more like a webpage and less like a magazine. Any ideas if they plan on going digital, like EGM? I recently picked up a TouchPad and am thoroughly enjoying reading magazines on it
  10. retro pc games magazines

    I think I was mistaken. I didn't realize this was for the UK version. I was referring to the US version.
  11. retro pc games magazines

    I'm pretty sure PC Games went for more than 13 issues because I subscribed for several years. The last issue was sometime around 1998 because after that my subscription was converted into PC Gamer, which I received for about a year.
  12. Hello Retromags!

    Yep, weekly is what I meant. Nice catch! Although I'd be willing to exercise 3x daily if I was rich enough to not need to work
  13. Hello Retromags!

    Yep, the key is making lifestyle changes you can maintain in the long run. Losing lots of weight quickly is a sure-fire way to fail. Losing 3-4lbs a month is really the key because you aren't making drastic changes. Making exercise a priority is also important. If you can't find the time to exercise 3-4 times weekly for an hour or so, you'll never be fit.
  14. Hello Retromags!

    As long as you eat breakfast first thing the morning, your body will be fine. The secret is 4-6 small meals (200-300 calories) all day. Keep that metabolism burning all day
  15. Hello Retromags!

    If you don't care about the caffeine and simply want something flavored with carbonation, I like 0 calorie drinks like this: The black cherry one actually tasted better than cherry coke