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  1. Very cool video. I think there was even a shot that panned past some of the old GamePros I sold you several years ago. I'm really glad there are people that are preserving the magazines because there is no way I could Are the magazines insured? Do you ever worry about fires consuming the entire collection?
  2. I wish I had enough facial hair to even grow a beard! I'm 31 and shave about twice a week. I could probably go a week before anyone would say anything. The good news is that there is an inverse relationship between hair growth and facial hair growth so I will probably be buried with a full head of hair. All the guys who could grow fantastic beards and goatees in high school have lost most of their hair while I still look like I'm about 23. However, just for a week or even a month I'd like to be able to rock a beard.
  3. I'm kinda late to this party, but I thought I would add that if you want to download a magazine from Usenet every once in a while, purchasing a flat GB plan is the way to go. I currently have a 1TB plan which I purchased for $50 and should last me at least a year. I was using $11/month for unlimited but realized I wasn't downloading very much lately. Astraweb currently has a 25GB (~250 magazines) for $10. If you download once or twice a month, that should last you forever http://www.news.astraweb.com/plans.html I will also add that this is the best decision by far for hosting the magazines.
  4. I've been so busy over the last few with my new baby that I didn't even realize that GamePro never sent me an October 2011 issue. I'm a little bummed about this because it's the last monthly issue, but I'm not sure there is anyone I can complain to. I've read on the web about other people having their subscription cancelled and converted into a PC Gamer subscription. I'm sure glad my subscription was until Jan 2012 and not October 2012.
  5. I actually got pretty lucky and was one of the 10% of OnSale orders that went through and wasn't cancelled. Funny thing is that I had no idea about it until my friend was tweeting about it on the Sunday after the price drop. I thought about it and asked him why get a TouchPad if he already had an Ipad 2. He replied with "Because they are only $100". At that point I immediately went on Amazon.com and placed an order. The first one didn't go through but the 2nd did and I received my TouchPad last week. I've been very happy with it and probably would have paid $200 for it. I also have an order with HP for 2 32GB models for friends that are now on back-order and won't be shipped out (according to HP) for at least 6-8 weeks.
  6. Since the run is over, what are your thoughts on opening up scanning to include all issues? Also, I have 95% of the issues from 2000 on up, so if you need a large chunk, we might be able to work out something
  7. I downloaded and installed ComicShelf HD and am surprised how good it is. Granted, I didn't have high expectations, but the image quality is really good. This might also be due to the high quality of our scans. I loaded up a GamePro from the mid-90s and I had no problem reading all text, without needing to zoom in. The only downside I see so far is not being able to see 2 pages when rotating the screen into landscape mode. This doesn't both me too much as I like to just focus on a single page at a time when reading. There is a fairly active thread here (http://forums.precentral.net/canuck-coding/287405-comicshelf-hd-now-app-catalog.html) about the development of the app and showing 2 screens was one thing that several users brought up to the developer. My guess is that it'll become a feature sometime this year. All in all, I think $1.99 was a good price for the app.
  8. I have a TouchPad and it's nearly 10 inches diagonally, with 1024x768 screen, so 4x3. I have been reading photography magazines on it this week as a test (in PDF format using the built-in Adobe Reader) and I must say it's pretty good. I am downloading the ComicShelf HD program and will test it with a GamePro CBR in an hour or so.
  9. I just read about this today and am not surprised either. The magazines are about 80 pages nowadays and the content feels more and more like a webpage and less like a magazine. Any ideas if they plan on going digital, like EGM? I recently picked up a TouchPad and am thoroughly enjoying reading magazines on it
  10. I think I was mistaken. I didn't realize this was for the UK version. I was referring to the US version.
  11. I'm pretty sure PC Games went for more than 13 issues because I subscribed for several years. The last issue was sometime around 1998 because after that my subscription was converted into PC Gamer, which I received for about a year.
  12. Yep, weekly is what I meant. Nice catch! Although I'd be willing to exercise 3x daily if I was rich enough to not need to work
  13. Yep, the key is making lifestyle changes you can maintain in the long run. Losing lots of weight quickly is a sure-fire way to fail. Losing 3-4lbs a month is really the key because you aren't making drastic changes. Making exercise a priority is also important. If you can't find the time to exercise 3-4 times weekly for an hour or so, you'll never be fit.
  14. As long as you eat breakfast first thing the morning, your body will be fine. The secret is 4-6 small meals (200-300 calories) all day. Keep that metabolism burning all day
  15. If you don't care about the caffeine and simply want something flavored with carbonation, I like 0 calorie drinks like this: The black cherry one actually tasted better than cherry coke
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