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  1. Episode 16 was released last night. Also, we've got forums now! Check those out at: http://www.theretroleague.freeforums.org/
  2. Just released episode 6 last night! Hope to have episode 7 out next week! Thanks for that price link, Mister Zero! Comes in very handy when trying to price old games!
  3. I'd take a look at these: Astro Boy: Omega Factor TMNT Mega Man Zero games Ninja Five-0 Metal Slug Advance Donkey Kong Country games Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Revival
  4. I love the SP and haven't touched the original GBA since I got the SP. The backlit screen REALLY makes a difference. I've also got a GBA Micro, but only use that at work for some stealth gaming.
  5. If anyone is interested in retrogaming related podcasts, go check out The Retro League at: http://www.theretroleague.com/ Four episodes have been released with topics such as, Top 5 NES games, Arcade memories, a discussion about what retro gaming means, and the hosts' personal over rated NES games. Ebay auctions and Games of the week are also frequent topics. Check it out! And, be sure to leave some feedback!
  6. Awesome game. Never knew about the perfect ending.
  7. It gets my vote for best Final Fantasy. Best RPG? I'd say Chrono Trigger is just as good as FF3. In my opinion, they tie as the best RPG ever.
  8. Color me unimpressed so far. I thought bowling was much easier. Tried my technique from Wii Sports, which was hit or miss, and got 5 strikes in a row before finishing with a 215. Canoeing sucks. Basketball was alright. The sword game and the table tennis are my favs so far. haven't tried everything. I've had a problem with my sensor bar losing my wiimote. This was happening before motion +, so I dunno what's going on. Golf is much harder on this one. I would like to try Tiger Woods 10, though...
  9. And any money that you have. Actually, when I was in high school and before that Street Fighter guide came out, I ripped up a few EGMs and Nintendo Powers to put all the Street Fighter pages in one place. EGM 29 was one of those mags. Since then, I've replaced it, but still...
  10. nickerous

    The Wizard

    Did everyone see future Spider-Man himself, Tobey Maguire? I love watching old movies and trying to see someone who wasn't famous at the time. Another good video game movie is Cloak and Dagger. Not as much about video games as The Wizard, but I really enjoyed that one. Good for me that they released a double-feature with both movies on 1 dvd a while back.
  11. Not a movie purchase, but I bought Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 on dvd last night. Movies that I'm planning on buying when I find them cheap are: The Watchmen Gran Torino Taken 3:10 to Yuma (this is probably cheap enough, but for some reason, I keep putting off buying it...)
  12. As of this posting, I'd say the new Battlestar Galactica, but I just finished watching my 4.5 dvds today, so that may be clouding my judgment. Other notables are Star Trek: The Next Generation, Batman: The Animated Series, Gargoyles, and Quantum Leap.
  13. It's very hard to pick just one, but for the longest, mine was The Dead Poets Society. Most days that will still be my favorite, but The Last Samurai creeps up there every now and then.....as well as The Shawshank Redemption....sometimes Braveheart.... Today I'd say Dead Poets Society.
  14. I bought one of those when they first came out. Paid around $50 I think.... It works quite well although mine is not hooked up at the moment. You can use the regular SNES controllers too.
  15. My parents bought a 5200, but we never played it all that much. I do remember losing to my Dad in football every time we played. My sister and I split the cost of the NES. We couldn't find the Super Mario bundle, so we got the first one we found...the R.O.B. set. I loved Duck Hunt, but absolutely hated Gyromite. I was able to hook ROB up and get it to work with Gyromite, but it was such a hassle. I remember we bought Castlevania very soon after. The first console that I bought all by myself was the Super Nintendo. I remember having both the SNES and the NES hooked up to one TV. My Mom wouldn't let me put one in my bedroom when I got a tv, so both had to be in the living room. I also remember saving my allowance in order to buy a subscription to Nintendo Power when it first started. I was pissed because they were going to start charging for this new magazine when the Fun Club News was free. Once I received that first issue as the tryout issue, I was hooked. Nintendo really knew what they were doing with that giveaway. Oh, and my Dad and I only played 1 game of Tecmo Super Bowl on the NES. I showed no mercy. Maybe that's why we only played one.
  16. That's cool with me. I was going to ask about changing it, but never got around to it.
  17. PMed you the links, Tony. Let me know if they don't work.
  18. I can do those two pages. I have a few extra EGMs around the same time period that I'm thinking about de-binding for release.
  19. Currently, I'm playing: Super Mario 64 Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Contra Bases Loaded Kid Icarus I play the first 2 at home and the last 3 at work/home when I get the time.
  20. Never skipped a generation, but have skipped consoles. Never played a Saturn and I would like to someday. I've got Nights for the Saturn, but no system to play it on.
  21. It always irked me that I was able to beat Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 on the actual NES, but never could beat 3. I finally finished 3 a few months ago, but that was with game genie codes. I just started playing through Super Mario 64 and Zelda:OoT on the Wii's VC. So far, I've gotten 10 stars on SM64, but only just arrived at Hyrule Castle on OoT. I've never finished either of these games. Come to think of it, I've never beaten ANY N64 game... I'm going to get Majora's Mask on VC, but would like to finish OoT first. I own MM, but never opened it since I never finished OoT. Is a sealed Collector's edition MM worth anything?
  22. I agree with this statement if you're planning on buying movies you already have dvds of. I made that mistake with The Last Samurai and really didn't notice that much of a difference between the Blu and DVD. However, if it's a movie that I don't already have, I'll opt for the Blu-Ray version. And, if you buy off ebay, amazon, or wait till Deep Discount has one of their sales, Blu's aren't that much more than reg dvds. Just don't go to retail. Target is the only place I've found decent deals at.
  23. I recently named a top 10 NES games for another site and listed Kid Icarus at #2. I love that game. I'm always playing through it every now and then. I absolutely hated the GB game tho. If anyone's interested, here's my complete top 10 NES games: 10. Ninja Gaiden II - Loved the intro! The story was pretty good, too. The level effects were awesome. Totally dark level with lightning strikes, wind effects, fighting on a moving train = Greatness! 09. Gun.Smoke - Talk about great soundtracks! This game rocked in the early levels. 08. Tecmo Super Bowl - Before Madden, this was THE football game. The first Tecmo Bowl was good, but this one just expanded everything to epic proportions. 8 plays instead of 4, every NFL team (at the time), and onside kicks really made you feel like you were playing football. My friends and I played this game relentlessly. 07. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! - I agree with everything you said about this game, but I had the Tyson version and loved to hate that character. I was pretty good at it for a while until I got to Soda Popinski. That guy beat me quite a few times. One night, my friend and I found out about the Tyson code and tried to beat him. After about 30 tries, we gave up. When I finally did beat him I really felt like I had accomplished something. 06. Castlevania III - I have all three, but this one was the first that I beat. I loved the fact that you could recruit different characters to your story depending on which road you chose to take. The music and sound effects were top notch. 05. Super Mario Bros. 3 - I loved 2, but when 3 came out, it blew my mind. I'd rather play 3 than any other NES Mario title, so it gets the nod here. 04. Mega Man 2 - I had 1-3, but this one takes the cake. The music, the bosses, the fortress...everything in 2 was 10x better than any other Mega Man game to me. 03. Ninja Gaiden - This was the first game I played with cinema cut scenes and I loved it. Played this game forever. At one time, I started recording the cut scenes to a vhs tape. Never did finish that tape, but I finally did finish the game. To date, beating this game was my single greatest NES accomplishment. 02. Kid Icarus - I don't know what it is about this game, but I can not stop playing it. I've beaten it 100+ times and everytime, I can't wait to hit start so I can play through it again. 01. Legend of Zelda - What can you say about the 1st game in the greatest game series of all time? Quite frankly, nothing that hasn't already been said. This one speaks for itself.
  24. The complete Battlestar Galactica Blu ray set looks awesome. The series is one of the best tv shows that I've ever seen. I don't think I'll buy the blu set, but that's because I already have just about everything on regular dvd. As for movies, these are either on my shelf or on my wish list: The Dark Knight Watchmen Gran Torino Casino Royale Quantum of Solace Iron Man The Prestige Deja Vu The Last Samurai
  25. I'd say SMW or SMB3. One thing I don't get is why everyone craps on Super Mario Sunshine. I thought that was a great game. Course, I never played that much Mario 64. I liked them both, but got farther in Sunshine.
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