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  1. Newest upload [07/22/2020] - Famimaga Jan 26 1990
  2. The first time I subscribed to GamePro, this was the first issue that I received.
  3. Newest upload [06/18/2020] - Famimaga Feb 23 1990
  4. I did a search for GameCenter and ゲームセンタ. I was not able to find any books or magazines, but there were a number of game review videos. No hits for Continue magazine.
  5. Newest upload [06/13/2020] - Famimaga May 15 1987
  6. Its sole purpose is to flag those who criticize DragonBall Z
  7. Geez, and I had to use one of these on a 2.5 inch screen:
  8. Newest upload [05/28/2020] - Famimaga March 20 1987
  9. Wow, this is my first issue from 1989 I just noticed.
  10. Newest upload [05/23/2020] - Famimaga July 1987
  11. Game Developer magazine:
  12. I don't remember that issue specifically, but Expert Gamer had ads and guides as add-ons in the sealed package, not attached to the magazine.
  13. Newest upload [05/17/2020] - Famimaga Dec 1987
  14. I have a lot of memories of this one. Probably my most well-worn book back in the day.
  15. Newest upload [05/10/2020] - Famimaga April 1992
  16. Newest upload [05/09/2020] - Weekly Famitsu 48 April 9 1988 Hey there, its been awhile. I've been too lazy/depressed to do anything other than hit a "like" button. I have a bunch of new #notmyscans to upload and I have a partially edited Xbox Famitsu that I should get around to finishing. There is also a giant box of old Japanese magazines that I never got around to mailing to E-Day that has some pretty special stuff.
  17. I'm imagining the FBI breaking down a door to seize unauthorized game guides
  18. HAHAHAHAHAHA this hits too close to home and its true. But downvote anyway because I love DBZ and I've never seen the downvote icon ever used.
  19. I look forward to your posts man. Entertaining and educational . The closest game I have played to this was a Hentai game called Three Sisters Story, which had multiple choice answers, multiple girls and several different endings. It was entertaining because it was like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book, but with boobs.
  20. The SNES version actually had a soundtrack and has some of my favorite songs from that console. You can find YouTube videos of orchestras playing themes from it.
  21. I have a lot of memories of these three magazines. Issue 96 was one of the mags I had close by that I would look at often, getting hyped for the N64 release.