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  1. Newest upload [05/28/2020] - Famimaga March 20 1987
  2. Newest upload [05/23/2020] - Famimaga July 1987
  3. Game Developer magazine:
  4. I don't remember that issue specifically, but Expert Gamer had ads and guides as add-ons in the sealed package, not attached to the magazine.
  5. Newest upload [05/17/2020] - Famimaga Dec 1987
  6. I have a lot of memories of this one. Probably my most well-worn book back in the day.
  7. Newest upload [05/10/2020] - Famimaga April 1992
  8. Newest upload [05/09/2020] - Weekly Famitsu 48 April 9 1988 Hey there, its been awhile. I've been too lazy/depressed to do anything other than hit a "like" button. I have a bunch of new #notmyscans to upload and I have a partially edited Xbox Famitsu that I should get around to finishing. There is also a giant box of old Japanese magazines that I never got around to mailing to E-Day that has some pretty special stuff.
  9. I'm imagining the FBI breaking down a door to seize unauthorized game guides
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHA this hits too close to home and its true. But downvote anyway because I love DBZ and I've never seen the downvote icon ever used.
  11. I look forward to your posts man. Entertaining and educational . The closest game I have played to this was a Hentai game called Three Sisters Story, which had multiple choice answers, multiple girls and several different endings. It was entertaining because it was like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book, but with boobs.
  12. The SNES version actually had a soundtrack and has some of my favorite songs from that console. You can find YouTube videos of orchestras playing themes from it.
  13. I have a lot of memories of these three magazines. Issue 96 was one of the mags I had close by that I would look at often, getting hyped for the N64 release.
  14. What about having Retromags host the curated files? You could upload a completed scan to Mega and a team member can add it to the site. Mega is fine for storing files, but part of the goal is to make these items easily discoverable, which Mega is not meant for.
  15. This is a nice one! What else are you holding out on us? I am curious about the backstory on this Chinese message board. Was it actually hosted on a Chinese ISP or just predominantly Chinese users? How did they get into gaming? Just kind of curious considering the state censorship and control in their culture.
  16. Right, I only saw 87, 88, and 91 on there. I found this one on Perfect Dark.
  17. Newest upload [10/23/2019] I saw catalogs for some of the other years, but not for 1989. So here you go.