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  1. If only someone would make a 2d Mario Galaxy, that would b so awesome.
  2. I've played each of the main Final Fantasys atleast one, I beat 7, 8 and 10 and currently about to start 12 again now that I have free time
  3. I have an NES (30 games) SNES (20 Games) Genesis (2) Sega CD (6) Playstation 1 and 2 (35) Gameboy Pocket (5) Nintendo DS (2)
  4. I'd recommend "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy". Liked Ender's game when i read it in high school.
  5. Mostly Rock like Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys. J-Rock is awesome, the pillows, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Gackt. Ive been listening to some indie as well like Eisley (one of my favorite bands), Of Montreal, and Mates of State
  6. Harmonix just announced that they're releasing a Rock Band Track Pack for ps2 and wii owners. As someone who hasnt made the jump to ps3, but purchased rock band on ps2, this makes me so freaking happy, How many of you guys have bought rock band?
  7. Theres something oddly disturbing about seeing goomba getting shot in the face
  8. The Nintendo DS uses cartridges and some of the games have 10 second load times, usually anything by EA but atleast its nowhere near as bad as what i hear PSP owners have to deal with.
  9. Is nobody interested in the Speed Racer movie? It looks a little corny but I think it has potential. =D
  10. Have In-game Ads helped out the consumer yet? EA has like the most ad's and they're rumored to start abusing the additional download content aren't they? Although if they're helping keep Counter-Strike free then yay ads
  11. Why no PS3 or PSP list? X( Metal Gear Solid 4, Crisis Core, The World Ends with You (DS)
  12. Mario Kart DS on the Nintendo DS obviously. Currently highly anticipating "The World Ends With You" for DS.
  13. Gamepro during the late SNES era, but then PSM October 1997 till now actually, although it just doesn't quite feel the same now that it's official and Chris Slate left.
  14. Regular is going up almost daily, just this Sunday it was 3.20, by today its 3.35. Premium hit 3.75 here in TX