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  1. Wow. I really have to give you guys props for mentioning the Vectrex, and I am in the same boat (though I have to give honarary mention to the Intellivison and the Neo Geo Pocket--both had games that were way beyond their competitors). The vextrex was really special. You still cannot get games EXACTLY like they were with the original vectrex, and the smooth movement of the graphics still can't REALLY be matched without firing a light beam at the screen. The games were not too shabby either, and some of them were surprisingly complex for the time period. If you look at the animation, sense of humor, and graphics of Spike! for the Vectrex--man...way ahead of most games at the time period.
  2. Well, if I sign up for this, would I be allowed to download some of the mags? I mean, I would like to help with this site and all, but I don't have a scanner. I would like to contribute in other ways, but I am not so sure how.
  3. Yeah, I am in the Home beta, and I am glad to let people know that although I can't say much, it IS something to be excited about. A lot of the announced stuff isn't in the Beta at all, but what is there is pretty nice. Oh--and the graphics are really pretty, too.
  4. Really, the only thing I am REALLY looking forward to is Metal Gear Solid 4. Oh, and Lego Indiana Jones. Why not?