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  1. I really don't think Palin has what it takes to be in any management positions anywhere period.
  2. Dexter's Lab Adam's Family I Love Lucy Sliders Munsters Voyager Stargate
  3. Awww, you make me miss my oncie large video game magazine collection. It was by no means complete, but it did span from 89-98 and included Egm 1 and 2, GamePro, SwatPRO, Video Games Magazine, GamePlayers and many more. I eventually got rid of them all, I had no room and they were fairly heavy to deal with. Not to mentioni when I was young I did something stupid to them and duct taped them all together to pretend they all were one large mega video game magazine.
  4. Obama and Biden all the way.... although I do wish it were Obama and Hillary. But beggers can't be choosers
  5. When I bought my Sega saturn for like $30 funcoland gave me Christmas Nights and Virtua Cop as well as Daytona usa. Also because they didn't know what to do with it thye gave me knuckles chaotics for the 32x it was pretty cool. I loved playing Christmas Nights. As of recently I bought Nights into Dreams off of ebay. Never been opened! I also have Nights on the wii which the quality could have been a bit higher I believe it was an awesome game still.
  6. I actually think that Michael Keaton and Christian Bale are tied for Batman. Also Heath Ledger and Jack NIcholson are tied for playing the joker. In my opinion neither was absolutely perfect but good in their own way.
  7. Being on Linux I use sdlmame for arcade games, mupen64 for n64 games mess for many different console games and since I use a 64 bit version of the os my choices are a l ittle bit mor limited for example my favorite system the "Sega cd" emulation leaves behind much to be desired I know gens will work but there are no 64 bit binaries and as is a bit buggy on my system.
  8. On the 360 I beat Bioshock On the wii I beat Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart wii, Metroid prime 3: Corruption, and Super Smash Bros Brawl. and thats about it I think.
  9. Lets just say we are all in agreement here!
  10. I would like to thank E-day for egm issue number 50, I remember reading this one over and over again when I was a kid!
  11. I would bring Sega cd night trap ecco sonic cd eternal champions double switch ground zero texas my paint sewershark mickey mania willy beamish Nintendo DS mario 64 mario kart 64 rythym tengoku wario ware touched feel the magic rub rabbits animal crossing daigasso band brothers daigasso band brothers dx sonic rush and snes supermario allstars + world mk1 mk2 mk3 ssf2t donkey kong conunty mario kart yoshis island 2 flashback super metroid
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