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  1. this was some of what I used to own


    changed a lot tho. I have just had to sell the Neo AES due to fund issues. The PC Engine, Lynx, 2600, Master System have gone :(

    The Neo CD and Pocket next.

    Living is a damn sight more expensive thesedays.

    Nice Collection, really clean. I wish I could have my Video Game stuff in the house but the wife won't allow it until we get a bigger place.

  2. Well right now my arcade has the following games:

    Super Mario Bros. (in a Pacman Cabinet)


    Hang-On (x2)

    and a MAME Machine

    But I would like to add someday:



    Street Fighter 2

    Panic Park (look it up its crazy japanese fun)

    Star Wars

  3. I'd get either a SegaCD or a 2600. If you look around you could pick up a 2600 with a bunch of games for really cheap. Every 2600 I've bought has included at least 10 games for under $15. The SegaCD did have a quite a few decent games and some others that just make you laugh, definitely worth it.

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