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  1. I got it off the newstand.. I didn't subscribe to EGM until maybe a year later. But ok man I'll go ahead and scan, shove it on a public dropbox and put it here for the experts to package. I know I'm a little slow/leisurely, but it'll get done. I also have a number of early EGM's that don't appear to be scanned yet. EGM was previously known as "Electronic Game Player" one of which I scanned for retromags a number of years ago. I don't know how many issues of that there are but it wasnt many.. if you look at the scan, one of the subscription page has pictures of supposedly past issues.. but who knows. . But also yeah as someone mentioned I think subscribers to EGM early on maybe got some kind of flyer or newsletter of Quarterman also.
  2. Hi all.. been a while since I logged on. I've scanned a few magazines on this site including EGP (pre-EGM mag), EGM with Fabio on the cover and some other one I think (1988 Buyers Guide?) I recently visited my mom's house and in my room picked up a number of mags I had forgotten about and in it included the premiere issue of Gamepro, and EGM #1 as well. My EGM #1 still has the inserts intact which are a Magmax poster and the "Electronic Gaming Monthly Tip Booklet". Were these inserts ever scanned? While I doubt I could scan the poster, the tip booklet is doable and could be done without having to remove it from the magazine. That said, it's just a bunch of standard codes for each game (mostly NES).. e.g. the Mike Tyson "Another World circuit" codes etc. Not sure if it's even all that interesting. Anyway.. lemme know.
  3. I think newsgroups is a great idea.. and a way I've been thinking it should have been done for a long while. You just upload everything at once and bam, they're there for a good 3 years on most good providers. And the great thing is, it doesn't have to preclude other means of distribution. If an alternative means (such as the web-based mediafire suggestion above) etc. is found to be viable, it can live side by side. Again, the upload to Usenet is a one shot deal, and it's there for a good long time with zero maintenance. Other methods of web access can come up and be used with no problems. If anything it's an excellent win-win with no drawbacks whatsoever.
  4. Awesome man.. and thanks for scanning. It's good to see the EG's (or heck, any of the early 80's gaming scene mags) start to make a show. My favorites are the ones once they start hitting 1982 and up until the crash era. Heck, I might just start scanning some myself..
  5. Digital Press forums at and of course, Atariage at
  6. I got them.. but unfortunately they're all at my Mom's house which is thousands upon thousands of miles away. And even if I was there I'd have to search through my piles of junk to find a box with them in it. But yeah.. I bought all the sendai spin off's back in the day.
  7. Born in 1969.. so I saw the Space Invaders arcade craze phenomenon (every machine in most every arcade was pure Space Invaders) and lived the Atari VCS at home. so yeah when the NES came out I was already in college Heck, when the NES came out my memory of it was trying get my girlfriends to tolerate me playing it
  8. Thank you sir.. does my heart good to have these things in electronic format freely archived for the ages
  9. Here ya go. RAW uncropped, unfixed, fresh from the scanner scans. If anyone can help fix up and put this into pdf/cbr format (E-Day? Phillyman? that would be awesome as I dont really know how to do that Also If anyone thinks I should rescan any pages at all just let me know, as it'd be easy to do. Enjoy..
  10. Light at the end of the tunnel! Got about 10 more pages to do then I'll post the RAW scans up. Sorry it's taking so long but I basically squeeze in 5 pages or so a day while I work So be on the lookout
  11. Guess I should just give an update.. I'm slowly scanning this mag. I'm 29% of the way done but hopefully a burst will happen relatively soon Click for larger preview
  12. Allrighty then.. #3 it is. I'm scanning it this week. I think I'm getting better but I find myself sometimes scanning a single page like 3 or 5 times just to get it straight Ah well.. sorry for the amateur skills but I will get it scanned
  13. Allright allright.. I think I'm refreshed enough to start another scan this week. Any votes on which it should be? EGM 1989 Buyers Guide (aka "EGM 0") or EGM #3? EGM #0 shares much in common with Electronic Game Player I scanned above.. except it has a lot more color And EGM #3 is a very cool issue with the Turbografx and Genesis spreads, and DEFINITELY is the start of the classic EGM we got to know with the review crew scores and whatnot. Anyway.. eventually both will be scanned. Question is which one next? p.s. I noticed the EGP I scanned above was placed in the "misc." magazine section.. I think it should be put into the EGM section.. after all that's what it is
  14. Whoah man you're fast. Even if it took you a couple months I still think that's great Thanks for doing that..