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  1. I have been trying for years to get a hold of either scans or an acual collection of this underrated Uk mag, has anyone here came across them on ebay or even has them - They were a sister mag to super play and i loved it as kid !
  2. Not being able to buy a Total! magazine collection from ebay (i thought this UK mag was popular) and scanning them because of shitty Future Publishing's rules, is there even anyone have cover scans of the early issues id love to see the covers for old times sake! My scanner is really old but i might try and scan Arcade issue 1 and the 1993 NMS Game Guide which i still have. There isnt enough UK Video Game mag Scans on this site!
  3. Gotta Be the NES for me even though i had an atari 2600 before that - playing mario for the first time was like have the arcade at home !!
  4. all of my old game magazine's were lent out to (so called) friends over the years but never got them back i used to have lots of total and nms magazines as well as n64 magazine - what i would love to see on here are the early issues of TOTAL! as its been 15 years since i last read them - anyone know where i can download them?? Great site by the way!!