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  1. Thanks for clarifying the situation with me E-Day
  2. Any idea why my credit for these issues I did has been removed again? http://www.retromags.com/magazines/category/usa/electronic-gaming-monthly/electronic-gaming-monthly-issue-120#.U7c2GrEY754 http://www.retromags.com/magazines/category/usa/electronic-gaming-monthly/electronic-gaming-monthly-issue-121#.U7c2JrEY754 http://www.retromags.com/magazines/category/usa/electronic-gaming-monthly/electronic-gaming-monthly-issue-122#.U7c2KbEY754 I originally scanned and edited all 3 of these issues. All good now. I realized I can edit the pages for those 3 issues so I added credits for myself again.
  3. Thanx Areala When I finally get a new scanner I will start contributing again!
  4. Yes, issues 120, 121 and 122.Issue 119 never got completed before my scanner broke :( Thanx E-Day
  5. Can anyone tell me why I am not credited as the scanner/editor of the above issues I did for the site? Am a bit confused here!
  6. I lost interest in the GT series after there first attempt to rip me with the GT4 Prologue idea! I have no respect for sony's marketing in regards to these games and we are continuously told "soon" when asked about the release. Sorry Sony, but I lost interest in Gran Turismo WELL over a year ago
  7. The first of each iteration has never been its best SF2 turbo >SF2 - World Warrior SF3 3rd Strike > SF 3 - New Generation I am sure it will be the same in the case of SF4. I say let Capcom refine the game til people settle into what is felt to be the best edition, its what they do best If your a person who is not interested in buying them all, wait till you can see which becomes the crowd favourite (I highly doubt it will stay as SF4) Just my 2 cents
  8. Yeah for capcom and SSFIV

  9. I think I just messed myself One thing that concerns me though is the announcement only covers PS3 and Xbox360 I bought SFIV for PC, I hope they share the love with us too and give us SSFIV as well

    My tattoo!

    A Zelda one would be cool to see, not a fan myself though I also have plans for 2 more tattoo's One would be the Atari logo on my other arm and the other I need to find an artist to do it for me For it I want on my left shoulder blade Samus Aran in this sort of art style... with her helmet under one arm and her cannon (Other arm) aimed towards my neck where Ridley would be in the Metroid Prime 1 art style... But at the moment it remains a dream till I can find the artist capable of doing it for me

    My tattoo!

    I got my tattoo redone! It was done as a cover job over the old PS tattoo cause that one was screwed up by the original artist What you all think?
  12. I know you/E-Day weren't trying to screw me, I should have mentioned the screw up FAR earlier
  13. I hope so, it feels a bit crap to have 2 days hard work not acknowledged properly
  14. As soon as I have the dollars for a new scanner/printer I will begin scanning again My work here was well liked so I think I am overdue to do some more scanning I actually got rid of my old scanner cause it got a deep scratch in the glass and it was showing up in scans Another thing though is why has E-Day got credit for my scan below? EGM 120 He is credited for creating the NFO file for me and uploading it to the site but if you download it you will see there is in fact no nfo file at all and I did all the work scanning all 148 pages/editing them and then uploading them for the site!
  15. For me nothing will come close to the first edition of the Sheng Long gag! The second one for Street Fighter 3 didn't fool me! Also I feel that the play as Sonic in Gamecube Smash Bros was awesome too even though I dislike the game myself!
  16. I just can't stop laughing at this:D
  17. I have played and finished the arcade game and will say that it won't start a new legion of fans, but it is indeed a very good game with beautiful visuals (If you have only seen stills then watch a vid) The game in the arcades is very easy though and from early reports I am hearing the console editions are far tougher which is a much needed thing!

    Building A Pc

    My beast! Sorry if I am offtopic! CASE - 905 Monceros MOTHERBOARD - ASUS M2A VM CPU - AMD Athlon 64 6000+ RAM - GSKILL 2x2GB 800mhz Blue Heatspreader GPU - MSI N9800GTX (Factory OC) TV Tuner - Compro T100 HDTV card OS HDD - IDE / 250GB Seagate HDD2 - IDE / 160GB Seagate HDD3/4 - 2x SATA / 500GB WD OPTICAL 1 - LG Blu-ray/HD-DVD Reader - DVD/CD Reader/Writer! OPTICAL 2 - ASUS DVD/CD Reader/Writer MEMCARD - Generic Mem-card Reader/Writer MONITOR - BenQ V2400W 24Inch Widescreen KB/MOUSE - Logitech G15 & Logitech G9 WEBCAM/MIC - $2 shop ones CONTROLLERS - 2 x Dual Shock 2 via 2x Playstation - USB converters SPEAKERS - So bad I ain't gonna name them PRINTER - Canon MP180 This is what can be built in a year and a half with a $100AUS per week savings New CPU and Motherboard to come July '09!
  19. All fair and good! It was just a curiosity question! But after seeing the reasons to be against it I can see both of your guys points on this! I had not thought about it much before i posted my message! I might start scanning new issues though just so that when the time is right they can be uploaded in there original quality! (I will keep them here on my puter and will ONLY release them when they become within the rules of Retromags;))
  20. Will this news mean any changes to the scanning of newer issues rules for EGM(Would be better to scan them earlier rather then later for preservation sakes) 1UP have also announced that they will make the Feb '08 issue as viewable in HI-res for FREE on the web-site
  21. In Australia it costs $12AUS plus we get it 2 months late! I will indeed miss the April fools day jokes as well! Long live Sheng Long/Gouken!
  22. This is a VERY sad day for me! The part that actually upsets me most is I was REALLY looking to reading there reviews on the console versions of Street Fighter 4!! I guess there is 1 good side to it all though, It will save me a bit of money (EGM is expensive to buy in Australia) I wish all the writers/editors the very best in there future endeavors!
  23. I didn't go to your extensive detail but that is why I chose E.T! But ALL your reasons are indeed valid and I don't think ANY other game could EVER top E.T's achievements:P
  24. I don't play many if any bad games but I would say the crapiest I HAVE played is E.T for the atari! But other then that pile of droppings I would say Turok 1 on the N64! I hated that game
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