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  1. The first of each iteration has never been its best

    SF2 turbo >SF2 - World Warrior

    SF3 3rd Strike > SF 3 - New Generation

    I am sure it will be the same in the case of SF4.

    I say let Capcom refine the game til people settle into what is felt to be the best edition, its what they do best

    If your a person who is not interested in buying them all, wait till you can see which becomes the crowd favourite (I highly doubt it will stay as SF4)

    Just my 2 cents

  2. A Zelda one would be cool to see, not a fan myself though

    I also have plans for 2 more tattoo's

    One would be the Atari logo on my other arm and the other I need to find an artist to do it for me

    For it I want on my left shoulder blade Samus Aran in this sort of art style...


    with her helmet under one arm and her cannon (Other arm) aimed towards my neck where Ridley would be in the Metroid Prime 1 art style...


    But at the moment it remains a dream till I can find the artist capable of doing it for me

  3. I am not sure what happened with this, I have fixed all the issues (except the re-up to Rapidshare). We are not out to screw anyone over, just give me a holler whenever you spot a mistake and I will do my best to resolve it ASAP! :)

    I know you/E-Day weren't trying to screw me, I should have mentioned the screw up FAR earlier

  4. As soon as I have the dollars for a new scanner/printer I will begin scanning again

    My work here was well liked so I think I am overdue to do some more scanning

    I actually got rid of my old scanner cause it got a deep scratch in the glass and it was showing up in scans

    Another thing though is why has E-Day got credit for my scan below?

    EGM 120

    He is credited for creating the NFO file for me and uploading it to the site but if you download it you will see there is in fact no nfo file at all and I did all the work scanning all 148 pages/editing them and then uploading them for the site!

  5. I have played and finished the arcade game and will say that it won't start a new legion of fans, but it is indeed a very good game with beautiful visuals (If you have only seen stills then watch a vid)

    The game in the arcades is very easy though and from early reports I am hearing the console editions are far tougher which is a much needed thing!

  6. My beast! Sorry if I am offtopic!

    CASE - 905 Monceros


    CPU - AMD Athlon 64 6000+

    RAM - GSKILL 2x2GB 800mhz Blue Heatspreader

    GPU - MSI N9800GTX (Factory OC)

    TV Tuner - Compro T100 HDTV card

    OS HDD - IDE / 250GB Seagate

    HDD2 - IDE / 160GB Seagate

    HDD3/4 - 2x SATA / 500GB WD

    OPTICAL 1 - LG Blu-ray/HD-DVD Reader - DVD/CD Reader/Writer!

    OPTICAL 2 - ASUS DVD/CD Reader/Writer

    MEMCARD - Generic Mem-card Reader/Writer

    MONITOR - BenQ V2400W 24Inch Widescreen

    KB/MOUSE - Logitech G15 & Logitech G9

    WEBCAM/MIC - $2 shop ones

    CONTROLLERS - 2 x Dual Shock 2 via 2x Playstation - USB converters

    SPEAKERS - So bad I ain't gonna name them

    PRINTER - Canon MP180

    This is what can be built in a year and a half with a $100AUS per week savings

    New CPU and Motherboard to come July '09!

  7. I would definitely be against such move, as it's one of the ground rules which keeps us on the good side of publishers.

    Besides this rule giving the publishers and all the writers and editors enough breading room to actually sell their magazines without the fear that we might hurt them financially, it also sends a very clear signal that we will not harm them in any way, shape or form.

    I can understand with the recent happenings concerning EGM that it might seem that it won't matter to them anymore if we scan their newer issues or not.

    But on the other hand it might also be seen that we will change our rules whenever it might benefit our own needs, which I don't think is a good signal to send out.

    Even going as far as letting other publishers see that we do have scans of recent issues up on the site might encourage them to take legal steps as they might think that we may possibly start scanning their new magazines as well.

    In the end we are Retromags and that's what we will continue to be. ;)

    I completely agree with meppi and believe that it is one of the best ways to stay afloat, at least not getting sued or any of those nice little cease and desist letters. Another thing to think about is the fact that you can contact any magazine publisher that is running a mag (or in the case of EGM, going out) and still order back issues up to 3 to 4 years back (if they don't have them they usually have a distributor that you can contact about it). So just because it is out of print doesn't mean that it isn't available still.

    All fair and good! It was just a curiosity question! But after seeing the reasons to be against it I can see both of your guys points on this!

    I had not thought about it much before i posted my message! I might start scanning new issues though just so that when the time is right they can be uploaded in there original quality! (I will keep them here on my puter and will ONLY release them when they become within the rules of Retromags;))

  8. Yeah. I hear you there. I didn't by any means live by their reviews, but they were fun to read. Not to mention the "rest of the crap" or where they would make fun of old games like Barbie's Big Adventure. It will be missed.

    How expensive is it in Australia anyway?

    Who else will miss the awesome April Fool's Joke every year? Sheng Long?

    In Australia it costs $12AUS plus we get it 2 months late!

    I will indeed miss the April fools day jokes as well! Long live Sheng Long/Gouken!

  9. This is a VERY sad day for me! The part that actually upsets me most is I was REALLY looking to reading there reviews on the console versions of Street Fighter 4!!

    I guess there is 1 good side to it all though, It will save me a bit of money (EGM is expensive to buy in Australia)

    I wish all the writers/editors the very best in there future endeavors!

  10. Okay, I have been keeping an eye on this topic for a while now...

    Superman 64 -- Okay there is some serious weight behind this being the worse game of all time. But at LEAST it had Superman. Yes...it made no sense...but it did have the Man of Steel. I know it isn't much but we are going for the worse game of all time. There is at least a few fanboys out there that ENJOYED that mess. That Green Kryptonite Fog Mess...

    Pit Fighter -- Okay, yeah. the controls were sloppy at best, but it was at least the industry trying something new with real person character models. There is also something refreshing at the time about smashing a car up. Yes...Again, not much but you have to look at what we are dealing with.

    Busby 3d - Okay...At least you had some idea what you were suppose to be doing. There was a story (although bad one) for you to follow and it even had an ending (if you made it that far)

    Now I have not heard a single reason why ANY of these games are worse off then E.T. for the Atari. As quoted above E.T. almost ended the entire video game industry. None of the other games could say that. E.T. Didn't even have a story that one could figure out. You just walked around and randomly fell down wholes where you would have to raise your neck to get out (once you figured out that is what you were suppose to do) Sometimes you got boxes (pieces of something) and sometimes you get food, (which just gives you points) and other times you a guy in black (who would kill you because his movement speed was 900x yours and he could apparently fly).

    There is no character appeal (since you play a mass of brown that in no way even remotly looks like E.T.

    There is no new inovation in gaming applied here

    There is no storyline

    There is no ending. Even if you collect all of the boxes nothing happens. You just keep going.

    If anyone can show me a game that 1) Almost ends the industry 2) has no plot 3) has no playable controls 4) has no ending 5) has enemies that are unbeatable 6) has no real character recognition 7) has no "fanboy" fanbase 8) was actually recalled and used as landfill.

    If anyone can beat that list of "Achievements" then I will bow to their chosen game as the worse game of all time...

    Until then. E.T. for the Atari is the worse game ever. QED.

    I didn't go to your extensive detail but that is why I chose E.T!:D

    But ALL your reasons are indeed valid and I don't think ANY other game could EVER top E.T's achievements:P

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