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  1. The Big Torrent: How Much Can You Seed?

    And the Torrent is 100% (y)
  2. The Big Torrent: How Much Can You Seed?

    no more than 2% to go
  3. Recommended/best Nds/gba Flash Cart Pack

    I've got the First M3 adapter CF Version (with 1 gb cf card) with the second Passkey version. With the latest Firmware E18 (or beta e19) it works great
  4. The Big Torrent: How Much Can You Seed?

    Uploaded about 12 gigs. Ratio 1.8 and about 3 at max
  5. Seed For Older Nintendo Power

    I've got the FF1 Strategy guide from the Big Torrent and it is great stuff! Thank you
  6. Nintendo Ds/gba Formatted Media Forum

    Works nice on my M3 (y) Thank you
  7. Nintento Power 10-36

    Just noticed that in Alt.Binaries.emulators.misc some more magazines are posted in the range of 10-36. Thanks to Retromags (y)
  8. Recommended Emulators

    FCE Ultra 1.09 for Nes Snes9x Wip for Snes Mame for Arcade Gens 2.11 for SegaMegadrive Meka for SMS VBA = GBA
  9. 5 Magazines Being Released .....no Really!

    Thanks for releasing. Maybe i can upload some mags to the newsgroups?
  10. Unaltered Star Wars Trilogy Coming To Dvd!

    Great news but a little late... i've got the laserdiscs transfers of the Original Trilogy and the 97 Se's and they are great stuff.
  11. Found Several Really Awesome Guides...

    something to add. Just search on Guide in Mininova and you find some great Final Fantasy Guide's
  12. Strategy Guides

    Thanks for the offer. But sadly i don't have AIM but i'm using sometimes msn. (shame on me..) Is the AIM better?
  13. Retromags Via Rapidshare.de

    Thanks for the magazine's. Have you some more magazines of Nintedo Power or other number #1 magazines?
  14. Found Several Really Awesome Guides...

    Thanks for this find. (y)
  15. Strategy Guides

    I would like to see the Final Fantasy Guide for the Nes