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  1. I have season 1 complete. 2nd season few episodes
  2. I have uploaded all the files to E-Day's drive, please contact him for a link. I Hope you all enjoy it .
  3. Do you have Google drive ? Or a online storage I can upload these to you .
  4. Guess what? I actually do  You heard of Chris Bucci from (4) spida1a - YouTube ? Well, with his help by sending me his personal "live as aired" episodes, I was able to complete the GamePro series that aired in ABC channel 7 ( NY) I also own the complete VIDEO POWER ! tv show from 1990-1991 ..yes all digital
  5. Yes it was ! I been following and talking with him since the days he first submitted his video (how to beat Loki for Ghouls 'n Ghosts , Genesis) to an old show called GAMEPRO TV in 1991 (they never did sent him his free shirt ) I also own all the episodes of the series . Thanks for mentioning me here
  6. wasnt this already on this site before ? I could be wrong or is this an updated Scan ?
  7. such a great issue ! been waiting forever to read this . thank you ! I LOVE THIS SITE
  8. i been waiting 29 years to read this , Thank you soooooooooo much !
  9. is this next to be released ?!?! wow thank you..
  10. this is like winning the lotto, thank you for this rare amazing gem of an issue !! much appreciated.
  11. Thank you for this ! i remember this !! I ordered this in school ,during the time when the teacher would give us a list of books to order and we had to wait like 2 months until they would come. Man i love Retromags
  12. add my name to the list too ! after 2000's all my egms and gamepros went to the trash :(((((((((((
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