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  1. Welcome to the club . Im soooo excited to see the VG&CE, this issue was featured on the show VIDEO POWER ! , when Johnny arcade skate boards on set he is holding this very copy. This is my useless knowledge of the day, lol. E-Day I love you !
  2. YESSS !!! been waiting a loong time for this issue. Thank you as always E-Day you kick ass 24/7
  3. Whats new in this version of this Scan ?
  4. Wow , never I though to see THIS issue again ! Thank you E-Day you are the Master of this site .
  5. awesome !! time for PC Gamer
  6. E-Day how many more SWAT pro issues you have coming ?
  7. what a great issue ! thank you for this E-Day. Keep SWATPRO coming !
  8. This is amazing ! , the scan, color, editing, etc. always always on point !! Love you E-Day !
  9. thank you so much for SWATPRO ! the best spin-off from Gamepro ever !
  10. WOW the famous june july 1992 issues. thank you for this rare issue , I had this one when i was a kid, cant wait to read it again.
  11. Thank you , this issue was awesome to read.
  12. Happy 2020 !! Now this is a huge surprise for a new start .