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  1. WOW !!! guys thank you for THIS issue , dam it i cant wait to read it all over again !
  2. BEST ISSUE EVER ! .. I still have mine. thank you this is (was) the end of Nintendo power .. Will you be uploading the last issue of Nintendo Power?
  3. Thank you very much for uploading this issue. ! always appreciate your work !!!
  4. YES PLEASE ! one of the BEST EGMS spin-offs ever. I loved this issue as a child .
  5. yessssssssssssss !!! one of the best EGM's spin-offs !
  6. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !! finally New issue of VG&CE, This one is a MUST download
  7. Welcome to the club . Im soooo excited to see the VG&CE, this issue was featured on the show VIDEO POWER ! , when Johnny arcade skate boards on set he is holding this very copy. This is my useless knowledge of the day, lol. E-Day I love you !
  8. YESSS !!! been waiting a loong time for this issue. Thank you as always E-Day you kick ass 24/7
  9. Whats new in this version of this Scan ?
  10. Wow , never I though to see THIS issue again ! Thank you E-Day you are the Master of this site .