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  1. Happy 2020 !! Now this is a huge surprise for a new start .
  2. SWEET BABY JESUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E-day you just ended the year with a BANG ! Thank you buddy ! my life is now complete , lol . This iis a treasure that serves as an important motif in video game magazine literature.
  3. This right here... the 2nd rarest Gamepro issue ever ! (Please tell me you are posting the Handhelds Special issue#2 ? ) next
  4. E-Day, FYI Francis got the job at GamePro after he submitted a drawing for there monthly reader contest , The Staff was so impressed with his work they offred him a job with Issue #3 The more you know...
  5. Amazing time capsule right here with GamePro Early 90s
  6. One of them was me, in fact when you first posted all three issues on the site you thanked me
  7. awesome !! I was the one who gave you these three issues .. many moons ago
  8. You mean with Schwarzenegger on the cover ?!?! Please don't make us wait forever for that issue lolol.. I can't believe you had it , I been searching forever (eBay lol) and I could never find it. That is the 2nd holy Grail of video game magazines !
  9. E-Day, I have been waiting since 1991 to finally read this issue !!thank you from the bottom of my heart for filling my childhood request !! I can die now .lol .I love this website !! I will always donate to keep it going
  10. this is a Gem ! Thank you Whiskcat / Kitsunebi77 appreciate this.
  11. This is just awesome !!! Game Players RULES !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you E-Day you are a Legend !